4 Reasons To Use Online Fax Services

Online Fax

Contrary to what most people in different business sectors expect, faxing is still very much alive today. The only difference is that it’s now shifted to Internet technology. Many entrepreneurs, managers, and office staff agree that faxing is still relevant in daily operations and business transactions. From sending and receiving documents to needing signatures from clients and partners, online fax is more than capable of performing these tasks.

Thanks to the rapid advancement of technologies and tools, online fax services can keep up with the demands and requirements of modern business processes. This is a revolutionized way of business communications. Learn how to fax from email, acquire necessary signatures from authorized people, and more if you incorporate online faxing into your operations.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to use online fax services or not, here are more reasons to do so:

1. Portable

A business can utilize an online fax service anywhere with Internet access. In the current state wherein remote work and work-from-home setups are more commonplace, online faxing will be very convenient and helpful. Your workforce can partake in document-sharing and storing through this service. Using online faxing, your external sales team could, for example, send signed contracts and applications from their mobile devices or smartphones.

Using this method, your company will have an immediate digital record of any transaction and can start working with new clients right away. Because online fax services are portable, your staff can use them anywhere and anytime, yielding improved productivity. In the past, to process these documents, sales associates had to wait until later in the day when they returned to the office to use a fax machine. Imagine how inconvenient this would be these days.

Your workers will need to go to the office to use the faxing machine simply. Faxing can now be done on their mobile devices for your employees’ convenience, thanks to a free fax app. All you need to do is teach them how to send free fax online from their computers or other gadgets. Your remote workplace will definitely use this tool more than anything else.

2. Enhanced Security

Gone are the days when your printed fax documents will be left unattended or misplaced in a pile of papers in your office. These essential files are easily stolen and lost. These documents containing sensitive information can sit open for a long time on the machine, leaving them vulnerable to being seen by unauthorized persons. The files will be immediately stored and secured by encryption with online faxing.

Furthermore, faxing online provides greater security than outdated technology that can’t keep up with the latest security updates. The transfer of important documents is highly secure online since everything will be encrypted and require a strong password.

3. Cost-Effective

Furthermore, online faxing is more affordable than paper faxing because you don’t have to pay for the equipment, paper, ink, and other accessories. A conventional fax machine can be costly initially. It also requires constant upkeep and maintenance. In an office where many workers use it day in and day out, they can experience wear and tear and eventually need replacement every couple of years. If a company wants a high-capacity fax machine, it must spend thousands of dollars. But, these costs can be equivalent to your savings when you opt for online fax services.

Other costs that you need to consider when using traditional fax systems are the electricity bills, and staff or workers assigned to operating these devices. Without a doubt, switching to online faxing can reduce your operational costs.

Using an electronic fax company for online services can eliminate unnecessary costs because you’ll only be charged a fixed monthly fee. You won’t have to break the bank by budgeting for paper, fax equipment maintenance, ink, and other unreasonable expenses. Your business can use that budget for other variables in the business.

4. Eco-Friendly

Paper production can contribute to ruining the forests, and the use of this paper can accumulate waste that can possibly go to landfills. All these are dangerous for the environment. Depending on how many documents you send and receive, fax machines can go through a lot of paper in a day. That means more paper will be generated and go into the waste bin after a while. It’s time to switch to paperless systems and help save the environment by using online fax services instead.

This initiative can help save the environment since resources can be saved. You don’t have to accumulate lots of electricity with your fax device since online faxing can be done with a few clicks on your mobile phone or gadget. This is an eco-friendlier way of handling faxed documents and files. It doesn’t impact much on your energy consumption, as papers will still be received even if the device isn’t running.


It’s portable, cost-effective, fast, and efficient to use online faxing for organizations’ teams. Online faxing provides companies with unparalleled document security, affordability, and avoids accumulating waste that can harm the environment. Hopefully, with the reasons stated above, you can decide to switch to this convenient paperless system in no time.

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