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Some do underrate anime movies. However, it lets you enter a fantasy world with many expectations. Here lies the success of these animated films. It is a favorite of millions of people across the world. Now, it’s time to view anime in a new style. Catch a lovely series of original Donghu and taste the incredible flavors of brilliant animation. It started streaming on Funimation in 2021. There are many reasons to rank so high in the world of movies.

Entertainment will be unbound as you start watching the mesmerizing plot. It is all about a photography shop and the lives of its owners. The story progresses when the two decide to use their supernatural powers. For an incredible experience, Funimation offline viewing is the best option. Furthermore, the use of KeepStreams Funimation Downloader will help you have more fun and entertainment. You will not have the limitation of time then.

Series Name…Link Click

Link Click Anime
  • Ratings: 9/10
  • Genre: Fantasy, Action, Animation
  • Directed by: Li Haoling
  • Produced by: Studio LAN and Haoliners Animation League
  • Voice Artists: Su Shangqing, Li Shimeng, Yang Tianxiang, Zhao Yitong, Qian Chen, and others.


Link Click is a great animated series streaming on Funimation. With the tastes of the audience, the medium of watching movies is also changing now and then. Furthermore, there is no compulsion to watch the series on television only. Several OTT platforms exist now to provide you with non-stop amusement. Funimation is one such platform, popular mainly for its excellent anime shows and movies.

Link Click is all about Time Photo Studio located in a busy city. However, this photography shop is not a very big or famous one. People feel less inclined to visit the shop due to the dilapidated entrance. But the twist lies with the shopowners Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi. Learn how to download episodes on Funimation not to miss an episode of the series. Nothing can be more enjoyable than the offline watch at your preferable time.


The journey of Link Click begins with the opening of an ordinary photography shop. Cheng and Lu are the two young owners of this little shop. Unfortunately, the place looks very shabby and hence fails to attract customers. But the most exciting part of the story appears when you come to know that these two boys possess some supernatural abilities.

One day, they receive a weird request from a customer. Things begin to change from this incident. The boys decide to enter the photographs with the help of their supernatural powers. Furthermore, fate has something else waiting. What is there in store for the owners of the shop? Will they be successful in this new attempt or land up in any danger? You have to look forward to Funimation to catch all these exciting scenes. Download KeepStreams Funimation Downloader and be happy with a superb viewing experience.

Twists and Turns of the Series

The events taking place in the lives of Lu and Cheng will surely impress you throughout. Furthermore, you will also be in tension when the two boys enter the photos of their shop. Often, things do not occur in the same pattern as we plan them. This story is a fantastic example to prove this statement right. The Japanese anime will not bore you in any part. Check out the whole thing at one sitting to digest the thrilling experiences of the shopowners. Who is this customer for whose request the boys decided to take this drastic decision? What was the motive behind this? Funimation offline viewing offers you excitement when you do not need an internet connection to watch your favorite anime series. Always be updated with the latest technology by installing KeepStreams Funimation Downloader.

Our Verdict

If you are a fan of anime series and movies, you cannot afford to miss this highly interesting plot. Furthermore, Link Click is one of the best Donghua series recently. Moreover, it is a refreshing addition after the pandemic situation worldwide. When the theaters stopped displaying movies, the OTT platforms came as a savior. Link Click is another adventurous anime series packed with elements you will love to watch. Furthermore, the supernatural powers of the central characters make the story more compelling for the audience. You must try KeepStreams Funimation Downloader to save the series on your device without connecting to the internet time and again.

Download Link Click Through KeepStreams Funimation Downloader

KeepStreams for Funimation: Save and Watch Anime Series from Funimation

Link Click is easily available at any time on Funimation. However, it is better to know how to download episodes on Funimation to save any series or movie for later watch. Of course, one series will not stay on the platform forever. Therefore, ensure that you save it to watch it multiple times even when the streaming stops.

To support the offline watch, KeepStreams Funimation Downloader is always there. So please opt for this incredible software and see the change in your downloading experience. Here are the excellent features to make you interested in installing the tool.


  • Enjoy anime in full HD quality. Moreover, KeepStreams Funimation Downloader will let you a feel of a large screen with 1080p as the maximum capacity.
  • A quick download of all the episodes of a season is possible as you cater to the Batch Download feature. It ensures that every episode automatically enters your device’s storage space without any extra effort.
  • Coming to the technological part, KeepStreams Funimation Downloader does not disappoint you in this aspect. Therefore, Funimation offline viewing will be an outstanding experience. No restrictions are there to download your favorite anime.
  • The audiophiles can enjoy different tracks like AAC 2.0, EAC3 5.1, and others.
  • Ads can be very disturbing while you are engrossed in an anime series. However, KeepsStreams will not let these ads spoil your mood. It will automatically remove them during the downloading process.
  • The in-built browser and video manager are excellent options to let you search for any content streaming on Funimation. Furthermore, you can now create a separate library to store all the series and movies at one location for easy viewing with the help of the Video Manager.
  • Speed is incredibly high as you get to save the media in MP4 format.

KeepStreams Funimation Downloader is not compatible with any smartphone or tablet. However, it can run fruitfully on the computer and other smart devices like Roku. But there are no issues with transferring the downloaded files to any other phones or tablets. The innovative features render that right to the user.


If you do not know the steps, it will not be possible to use the KeepStreams Funimation Downloader successfully. Furthermore, such powerful software will ensure that Funimation offline viewing does not encounter obstacles. Now, learn how to reap benefits from this tool by following the necessary steps.

Step 1: Install KeepStreams Funimation Downloader and open the Home Screen.

KeepStreams Streaming Services

Step 2: View the section of Streaming Services.

Step 3: Select Funimation out of all the OTT options.

KeepStreams Funimation Downloader | Download Link Click 1

Step 4: Find out the location of the respective content coming on Funimation to download.

Funimation shows

Step 5: Go for Download Now option.

The software will not take any additional time to start the process of downloading. Just press the play button and begin the watch. So you need not take tension about the downloads. Moreover, it will happen very quickly in the background.


KeepStreams Funimation Downloader is one of the most exciting options when the offline watch is in your mission. Along with the Free version, there is also the option to purchase the paid version. All the paid plans come with a guarantee period of seven days. The costs of various plans include a monthly plan of $19.99, an annual plan of $59.99, and a biannual plan of $41.94. So utilize the opportunity right away.

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