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Best Smartphones under Rs. 25,000 with 6GB RAM

It’s no surprise that the budget smartphone industry has picked up so much over the past few years offering smartphones with great performance, high screen resolution and stronger security features. And smartphones under 25000 are bringing even more flagship features that make smartphones even ...Read More

5 Smartphone Predictions To Be Expected By 2020

Remembering the events of a decade ago, when the first iPhone came out, you realize that the progress in the field of smartphones is simply huge. Then, in 2007, almost no one imagined that the “Apple” smartphone will affect the world of mobile phones ...Read More

Top 10 Smartphone Tips And Tricks You Should Know About

Smartphone users are increasing day by day. Smartphones are coming with the features that we didn’t have imagined before like heart rate monitors, fingerprint scanner etc. Even if you’re a regular smartphone geek you probably don’t know each and every smartphone trick because a ...Read More