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Editable PowerPoint Templates Boost Your Presentation Design Skills

Recently we have reviewed the PowerPoint templates available at SlideModel.com and mentioned that they offer editable PowerPoint templates for presentations. Most of the PowerPoint presentation templates available at SlideModel.com are 100% editable as they are created using built-in PowerPoint shapes. The graphics & elements in PowerPoint templates that you can download from SlideModel.com ...Read More

Play School Driving 3D Game on Android and iOS

Are you one among those who wants to learn the road rules and car driving on holidays? So, learn how to drive heavy vehicles like buses, trucks and also cars making the android mobile screen as steering. For that there is a realistic simulator ...Read More

Play Blocky Roads 3D Car Racing Game on Android

Blocky Roads is a unique 3d car racing game for Android that features beautiful voxel graphics and in which you have to move forward showing your driving skills on 12 different tracks. It’s 46 MB in size and provides only 3 tracks out of ...Read More

All in One CarPad 5 GPS Car Navigation Device

MapmyIndia, India’s award-winning GPS navigation and digital maps provider has launched the next-generation car navigation Android tablet named “CarPad 5” with built-in 3G connectivity, full 3D GPS navigation system and Smartphone features included, All in One! While travelling in the car, CarPad 5 GPS ...Read More

ASRock Vision 3D 252B Home Theater PC

Do you feel that resembles like a small lunch box? Not that, it is Home Theater PC (HTPC) from ASRock. It’s called ASRock Vision 3D 252B HTPC. Intel Core i5-2520M processor is used in this new HTPC from ASRock. With 8 GB RAM, Nividia ...Read More