Windows XP Tricks Archive

How to Setup and Customize Screen Saver in Windows XP

Screensaver is nothing but a type of computer application consisting of collection of moving images or animation basically designed to prevent monitor screen damage which can be caused due to burn-in on CRT and plasma computer monitors when the computer is left unused with ...Read More

Turn off ClearType Fonts in Windows XP

In Windows XP, Microsoft introduced ClearType software technology to deliver improved font display quality over traditional forms of font smoothing or anti-aliasing. And these ClearType fonts are basically optimized for color LCDs (Liquid Crystal Displays), such as laptop screens, Pocket PC screens and high-quality ...Read More

How-to Disable Autoplay Feature in Windows XP

Autoplay feature in Windows XP is enabled by default to simplify the use of peripheral devices such as MP3 players, memory cards, USB storage devices and other removable devices by automatically launching the appropriate application installed on your PC to access the media files ...Read More

Different Ways to Access the Windows Control Panel

The Control Panel is a part of the Microsoft Windows graphical user interface which allows users to make settings for many Windows actions, such as changing network, keyboard, printer, regional settings, Performance & Maintenance Settings, Add/Remove Programs etc., Here are the Different Ways To ...Read More