Ericsson Free Laptop Distribution is a Pie-in-the-Sky

The email message that began circulating these days claiming Ericsson will give away a free laptop computer to those who forward the message to 8-20 or more people is just a hoax and a dream unlikely to ever come true.
Sony Ericsson Free Laptop Distribution Promotion Email or Hoax Competition Email: Dear All, Ericsson is distributing free laptops for their brand promotion. They hope to increase their popularity and sale by this campaign. All you need to do is send an email about this promotion to 8 people and you will receive an Ericsson T18 Laptop. However, if you send an email to 20 or more people, you will receive an Ericsson R320 Laptop. Make sure you send a copy to: With Regards, N.Kousik [IT - Manager - RCG]
Being even more absurd than usual hoaxes, the above graphical version of the mail that hits your inbox claims to give away laptop models that never existed. Both Ericsson T18 & Ericsson R320 mentioned as laptops in the mail are actually older mobile phone models of Ericsson that have now been discontinued.

In the Recent press releases, Sony Ericsson published the following message regarding this ‘Hoax Competition Email

Sony Ericsson has been made aware of an online email campaign claiming that Ericsson will give away a free laptop computer to users who forward the promotional information. The same campaign includes a photograph of the Sony Ericsson logo and mentions an Ericsson contact name and email number.

Sony Ericsson confirms that this email campaign is a hoax. In addition, Sony Ericsson confirms that the Ericsson contact name does not exist.

All competitions and promotions involving Sony Ericsson are run through official channels such as Sony Ericsson’s website or Sony Ericsson’s partners’ websites. Please be wary of any competition or promotion that appears to come from outside of Sony Ericsson or Sony Ericsson’s partners official channels. Examples of these include via spam emails or SMS.

Please do not reply to or forward the email if you receive it.

This is neither a lottery to try your luck nor a competition that demands your skill, but just a hoax that is targeted on those donkeys out there who wants all for FREE!!

To be frank these days not even death is free. Doctors try to keep you from dying. Then you get the bill! Isn’t it so?

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