Chat With Your Friends Inside the New Orkut

Google’s most popular networking website and favorite online home for millions of people in Brazil and India – “Orkut”

brand new Orkut interface

Brand New Orkut Intreface has integrated the chat feature inside it which enables you to chat with your friends directly inside Orkut with no other web-based applications or separate window required.

To use this Instant Chat feature inside the brand new Orkut,
1) First, Sign-in to your Orkut account. Then set your chat status to ‘available’, ‘busy’ (or) ‘invisible’ depending upon your mood. You can control your chat status by choosing the appropriate colored bubble allotted for each status that appears on the top right of your user-name.

Orkut chat status colored bubble above status update what are you up to
New Orkut chat status colored bubble

2) As soon as you change your chat status from ‘offline’ to ‘available’, ‘busy’ (or) ‘invisible’, a “Online friends” box appears at the bottom right of your window, listing all your Orkut friends logged into Orkut chat.

New Orkut Online friends list and chat box
Orkut Online friends list and chat box

3) To begin chatting with any of your online friends, just click on their name as in any other chat application and a separate chat box will be opened.

4) You can chat with any number of online friends at the same time inside Orkut and can even browse other pages while chatting as the “Online friends” and Chat boxes accompanies you wherever you go browsing on Orkut. They will stay open at the bottom right of your window as long as you are online into chat.

This wonderful chat feature inside Orkut is not just limited to the brand new Version but you can also utilize it within the older version or Orkut.

Check out this video to learn how-to chat in the Older version of Orkut

I still have with me 10 more brand new Orkut invitation to share with my friends, so if you aren’t using the Brand New Orkut version yet, Friend me and leave me a scrap asking for the invite. Invitations will be sent based on first come first serve basis.

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