Make Your Blog Most Frequently Visited Being Most Visible Online

Reading lengthy blog posts is always a tiresome and time taking task that is obsolete these days and people are giving more priority to online videos and visual images that are included in the post.

RIP lengthy blog posts with no visual images
RIP – Lengthy article with no visual images

Unlike a few years back, the most recent approach into blogging is to make the textual content shorter and involving more of a audio-visual approach with the help of images, podcast and embedded videos as these media stuff can speak thousands of words. These days any post without atleast one image included in it is almost dead and most unlikely to be read unless it comes from a recognized expert.

Traditional blogging is also attributed to dying these days to an extent because of the advent to micro-blogging platforms like Twitter

MicroBlogging with 140 characters or less

and centralized places like social networks etc., having the most important feature of “Status Update” with which the content sharing has become lot easier than ever before.

Facebook Status Updates

Facebook has this Status Update feature since long and Goolge’s most popular social network Orkut has also included this feature in its brand spanking new version recently launched.

Orkut Status Updates – What are you up to?

So, in this era of finite attention and infinite alternatives if you want your blog or website to be visited most frequently, then you should make sure that you are active and visible at every social place on the internet people are spending time.

stand out at centralized online networks where people spend time
Standout at Centralized places where people spend time

Also you have to practice adopting a unique approach at each place instead of posting the same update at every place. With this kind of approach your update will cover a wide variety of keywords which in-turn brings more exposure to your website in the search engine results.

Another very important aspect is to make sure that you follow the present trends and capture the attention where people are spending most of their time.

Online Footprints

Ultimately, the people that build the biggest footprints online will do well with Search and their websites & blogs will be most frequently visited.


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