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Launched in November 2009, is the fastest growing social Q&A website which is all about expressing yourself and learning more about the people you care about. logo image

Just like in an ongoing interview, you can ask questions and give answers, about anything and everything. Formspring is quickly gaining fans all over the world and now there are around 14 million registered members answering millions of questions every day.

The feature on Formspring that is turned down by many as it can exploited to ask bad and mean questions is asking questions anonymously. To fix this, from your account Privacy Settings you can select whether or not you want to receive anonymous questions. Privacy Settings_Receiving Anonymous Questions

Whether asked anonymously or openly, you’ll get a notice of all the questions asked and you can decide whether or not to answer them. As there is no character limit, you are free to post answers that are just a word long to few paragraphs if you want to. If you didn’t like any of the questions you’re asked, you can delete the question or even block the user. Besides asking questions and answering them, you can also anonymously follow any Formspring member whom you would like to learn more about and by doing that their answers will show up in your home page.

As part of their ongoing efforts to make sharing easier, Formspring has recently launched “Ask your Friends” feature using which in one step you can ask the same question to multiple friends on Formspring, or your friends and followers on other networks. All you have to do is just write your question and select whom you want to send it to.

Also is well integrated with Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Blogger, MySpace and WordPress sites and blogs.

Share Your Formspring Answers on Social Networks and Blogs

So, you can easily publish and share your answers on any of these sites and can also link up your account with them, so that more of your friends and contacts can ask you questions or learn more about you.

This No.1 Social Q&A website was also offering widgets of different sizes that you can easily embed in your blog or website and get questions directly from your blog visitors. After a rebranding in 2013, question-and-answer-based social network is renamed as Later has joined forces with Twoo and as of August 1st, 2015, the website automatically redirects to – the largest site to meet new people near you.

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