Join Mozilla Labs Test Pilot Team and Help Improve Mozilla Products

With the main goal to research and gather knowledge on how people use the Web and help open source community by providing them best tools and services, Mozilla Labs has started Test Pilot program.

Mozilla Labs Test Pilot

By joining the Mozilla Labs Test Pilot team you can help Mozilla to make Firefox beta and other products that are still in development better!

After becoming a Test Pilot, once or twice a month you’ll be receiving a new user study that logs data while you use Firefox, a survey exploring the usage of new interface or feature for statistical purposes. All your user study data and survey answers collected will then be submitted anonymously to Mozilla and aggregated with the data from other users that help improve the existing and beta products. You can control the data submission process by choosing automatic submission or ask you before submitting your data.

Test Pilot

To become a Test Pilot, download and install Test Pilot add-on for Firefox and after successful installation you can see a test pilot icon at the bottom right of your browser window. Click on it and select ‘All Your User Studies…’ to check out your current studies, finished studies, study findings and settings.

Your Test Pilot Studies

Have any Questions on Test Pilot like who will analyze your browser data etc? Please go refer Test Pilot FAQ

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