BabyOnTime – Most Useful iPhone App for New Parents

The biggest challenge for new parents is effectively including the newly born in their day-to-day routine and taking good care of the baby. It becomes even more difficult for working parents to keep a timely check on the all important events of the baby like feeding, diaper change, medication, bathing etc. But what if there is a iPhone app that can effectively track, set alarms and remind you of your baby’s events? Imagine how easy and convenient your life becomes if all your baby activities are reminded on time by an app. The app you’re looking for is here and its called BabyOnTime.

BabyOnTime iPhone App pics

BabyOnTime is the first baby tracker iPhone app especially released for new parents that organizes everything related to your baby events so seamlessly that everything falls in place automatically. This wonderful app for new moms is feature rich with dedicated icons and notifications that lets you set alarms to remind you when it’s time for a breast and/or bottle feeding, a diaper change, solid foods, medications, bathing, playtime, sleeping or other events in your baby’s day so that you can play your time accordingly.

Created with the help from new parents and a pediatrician, BabyOnTime also provides a growth chart that lets you track your baby’s weight and height, and see how they measure up against averages of their age and act accordingly. BabyOnTime iPhone app is available from Mandrake Partners in the iTunes store now for just $0.99

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