Philips Fidelio Docking Speaker with Bluetooth for Android AS111

If using Android smartphone and hurly burly bored of the native sound, you should know about this Fidelio Docking Speaker with Bluetooth manufactured by Philips company model AS111.

Philips Docking Speaker for Android AS111

You can attach AS111 Flexidock speakers to your Android mobile via Bluetooth and with 360-degree design for great looks and docking speakers with Philips DockStudio app delivers wonderful sound quality. This Philips docking speaker comes with led display with soft glow in night light which makes it a perfect companion for the bedroom.

Other Philips fidelio docking speakers with Bluetooth for Android smartphone are AS851 (great for your living room), AS351 and powerful AS141 with alarm clock, FM radio and premium sound speakers. Find more info about docking speaker with Bluetooth for Android at

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