Google, Twitter, Facebook Sells You

Now-a-days Internet is used by billions of people around the world and it made individuals life easy. There are many available online ways through which anyone can sell their services to grow their business and selling online just got much easier than normal physical store facilities available. Also selling products through online made as much easy and pleasant service as possible.

Overall more than 90 percent of the business owners prefer social media sites like Google, Twitter, Facebook to sell their products. As it is a low cost way, so many business owners are adding shopping functionality to their website which is getting the result of more benefits and best customer services. Also free online services provide a connection between the consumer & the products.

Google is playing a vital role and getting 96 percent of its revenues from ads like Google AdWords, Google Plus posts, Google Checkout, YouTube and Gmail and it has a great market power in search.

Facebook is also a major milestone in today’s competitive world and more than 85 percent of its revenues coming from ads. Most of the mobile users prefer to go for a Twitter or Facebook product sell. Twitter also known as a most popular social media site and more than 80 percent of its revenues coming from ads.

Here is ‘Product You’ infographic created by the team of who is trying to solve some of the questions like – How social media is helping to make money online and the connection between the free online services and the Product.

Product You

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