These 10 Apps Will Make You A Better Cook

There are ten amazing cooking apps available for Android, iPhone and iPad. This includes stews, soups, roasts, vegan meals and vegetarian dishes. These helpful apps making cooking easier by providing delicious recipes. They also provide an excellent opportunity to use all those new kitchen appliances. 

Kitchen Stories – Recipes & Cooking

Kitchen Stories - Recipes & Cooking AppKitchen Stories is a free app available for Android at and iOS at This is an exceptionally easy and clear cookery app. Along with the photos and text there is a strong video element. The large recipe database can be filtered by country and browsed by theme. It pays to check back weekly because new recipes are always being added. 

Yummly Recipes

Yummly RecipesYummly is a free app available for Android at, iOS at and Windows at This is an app containing a cookery search engine as opposed to a digital cookbook. Yummly is capable of searching a wide range of websites for recipes. This can be filtered by cooking time, type of cuisine, allergies and several other options. The app also offers a nice shopping list feature and personalized recommendations.

Green Kitchen – Healthy Vegetarian Recipes

Green Kitchen Healthy vegetarian recipes iOS appGreen Kitchen costs £3.99 + IAP and is an iOS app available at This is a popular app for both the health conscious and vegetarians. There is a good selection of veggie recipes including gluten free options and some vegan dishes. The instructions are clear and the app features an excellent cooking timer. This will eliminate any panic as each step is followed. 

Forks Over Knives – Recipes

Forks Over Knives - RecipesThis app has become a popular film regarding eating healthy. This is available for Android at and iOS at Forks over Knives is an extremely impressive app. There are over 200 recipes available. The focus is placed on plant based, whole food meals that tie in nicely to the theme of the film. This app has successfully proved that eating healthy does not mean the meals become boring. 

Fit Men Cook – Healthy Recipes

Fit Men Cook - Healthy Recipes iOS AppFit Men Cook app has a cost of £2.49 + IAP. It is available for iOS at This app has a slogan declaring a gym may be used to sculpt bodies but they are built inside of the kitchen. The slogan makes this app sound like it is meant only for the cover models for Men’s Health. Despite this, the app actually has some good ideas for meals. These can be arranged into eating meals for a little extra help. This makes it easy to tie the current exercise routine into the eating plans.

Deliciously Ella

Deliciously Ella Plant Based Recipes AppThis app has a cost of £2.99. It is available for Android at and iOS at The Deliciously Ella app has over 300 plant based recipes. It is an option for healthy and natural eating. Refined sugars, gluten and meat have been eliminated from a variety of meals and desserts. Every recipe provides both photos and clear instructions. There are some nice detox plans included for anyone interested in letting their body know it was meant to be a temple. 


YoumiamYoumiam is a free app. It is available for Android at and iOS at This is one of the best apps available for cookery. Kitchen activities are given a social spin with a style similar to Pinterest. When the app is opened, the user follows others to receive a new recipe feed. The recommendations for Youmiam improve the more the app is used. People are even able to make contributions for the other users to try. 

Great British Chefs Kids HD

Great British Chefs Kids HD iOS AppThis is a free app for iOS. It is available at Most children would prefer meals consisting of chips, sausages and Nerds sweets. Some kids are much more adventurous and would be willing to try a lot of the recipes in this app. The app has an affiliation with Tesco and is trying to encourage parents and children cooking together. This is accomplished with fun ideas to appeal to the appetites of the young diners. The main Great British Chefs app also works very well for adults. 


Tastemade Tasty Recipes AppThis is a free app. The Android version is available at and iOS at Tastemade is available on the YouTube MCN’s or multi-channel networks. The focus has been placed on cooking and food. This is also an excellent way to go through the archives of how to videos. Users can also follow the new content. Even if the person is not really trying to find a recipe, lifestyle shows and the television style of cookery will probably spark a new idea or two.

Step by Step Better Baking by The Great British Bake Off

The Great British Bake OffThis iOS app is free + IAP. It is available at This app is specifically for the current television cookery of Britain. This app was designed for the type of novice bakers who would not be allowed within ten feet of the Great British Bake Off tent. The app provides some good free recipes. This begins with a selection of cakes. The content includes breads and biscuits as well. Most of the content is available as 79p in-app purchases.

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