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To try for any new food preparation, we need not ask our mother or grandmother. If we have access to the internet, there are so many food recipes sites and cooking YouTube Channels available to go and view.

Food Recipes Search Engine

Whatever may be the doubt we ransack in search. In the same way to search for a required food recipes go to the website This is the world’s largest recipe search engine. Nearly 2 million food recipes are made available in this website. Food Recipes Search Engine
In the home page there are two search boxes with plus and minus icon symbols. In the ‘Plus’ box we have to enter the food item required. In that recipe, to say whatever ingredient is not needed, enter it into search box available with minus sign. For example, in the preparation of pizza if more veg is required, in the minus box type ‘without meat’ and click search. The searched ones can be shared in Facebook, Twitter and Google+ social networks. For that, we can sign up freely and become a member in the site. @Foodily we can also search food recipes more carefully. For less fat items ‘LOW-FAT’ option can be checked.

Every Recipe in the World @

Fried Rice can be prepared in how many ways? How to prepare Chicken Tikkas? Like this to search for any recipe in the world go to the website Just like this is also a recipe search engine.

At recipes can be searched with various filters and the results can be sorted based on popularity, relevance and easy preparation. There are so many filters provided like – with ingredients, without ingredients, preparation time, occasions, tastes, allergies, nutrition etc., Clicking on the required recipe we can view its ingredients and the way of preparation. Print out can also be taken and for that click on ‘Print Ingredients’ option. Liked recipes can be shared on social network walls.

Recipe Puppy - ingredient based recipe search engine

Search recipes by ingredients at In the search box provided enter in all the ingredients you can find in your kitchen, and this wonderful search engine will give you a list of all the recipes you can prepare with what you have. It’s a great way to learn how to cook without the hassle of buying everything beforehand.
For a more extensive list of recipes, try

Find Indian Food Recipes

To view the food recipes of Andhra, Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali etc., browse the site According to the menu in the home page the required recipes can be found. To try for tasty salads go to the Recipes By Category menu and click on Salads. To view mere Andhra recipes, go to the Recipes By Region menu and click on Andhra Cuisine. Another useful website for finding great collection of Indian Recipes is

Indian Cooking Channels on YouTube

It is difficult to prepare some recipes by merely readings texts in the recipe sites. If preparation video is viewed, we can understand easily. For that there are many useful cooking channels on YouTube that teaches us new food preparations such as VahChef, Manjula’s Kitchen, Indian Cooking Everyday, and Eat East Indian. If we have internet at home keeping our laptop or smartphone by the side, we can cook very easily following videos in these YouTube channels. If wanted, go to the following YouTube Cooking Channels:

VahChef by Sanjay Thumma

Eat East Indian‘ YouTube channel has tasty Indian recipes.

Learn how to cook Indian Vegetarian Recipes at Manjula’s Kitchen

Super Veggie Delight by Bhavna‘ is another cooking channel on YouTube in which all are vegetarian recipes.

Sanjeev Kapoor Khazana

Chef Harpal Singh

Just Indian Cooking

India Food Network


Your liked YouTube videos can be downloaded or converted to MP3 from the site

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