6 New Technologies that Makes Your Life Simpler

Using technology to simplify the world is a busy place; there is no end to the numerous tasks that must be handled and difficulties encountered day in and day out with most days stretched so thin and lives blurring by over years and decades of endless toil, it is of little wonder the world is a less than cheery place. This is a less than pleasant consideration, taking into account the fact that science has availed technology in the myriads designed to improve life.

6 New Technologies that Makes Your Life Simpler 1

Email Aggregation:

This is a relatively recent creation from Google, but it is providing all manner of benefits; it is fairly common for the average individual to become inundated by email, be it legitimate or spam email. The problem becomes more complicated for those that operate multiple addresses at one go; traveling only worsens this chaos, the idea of leaving so many email addresses unattended; and that is the problem Google solves, allowing individuals to access and send all their emails through a single Gmail interface, restricting the process of managing your emails to a few hours of your vacation days.

Automatic Backup:

It is difficult to believe how any people live their lives on the internet; it is because of this electronic dependence that computer failure has become quite the harrowing nightmare; and that would explain the exhilaration experienced over continuously advancing backup systems. There is comfort to be taken in taking a trip out of town and knowing that a fire or theft will not cripple your entire electronic life; or taking memorable pictures in exotic places and knowing how secure they will be on the cloud even with the destruction of your phone or camera.

Family Calendar:

Do you need to take that much coveted vacation but can’t help but wonder if your family members will remember? Or maybe it is a crucial soccer match at your favorite Brazilian stadium, or a hiking trip in some remote land. The calendar system allows you to sync a family calendar to all your kin and kith’s computers using the cloud, availing a singular and accurate electronic reminder that everyone can access.

Team Lab Project Manager:

Project management programs such as team lab are crucial in organizing tasks and prioritizing activities; if you wish to ever make time for that much needed trip to Asia even in the face of a mountain of work, project management programs are the way to go.


While far from perfect this is the personal assistant anyone that cannot afford to hire a personal assistant should invest in. Do you need to prepare your travel applications on time? Or maybe you are searching for the best restaurants in Turkey and cannot find your way around. Siri is a work in progress that is uniquely placed to fulfil some of your more basic desires.

Thrive Money Management:

This is the electronic financial management system you have been looking for all your life. Do you need to figure out if you can take that extra cruise across the Atlantic? Maybe you want to determine your business budgeting needs for the coming year just so you can figure out how grandiose your next trip around the world will be or maybe you are interested in determining the best spending habits with regard to an unfamiliar currency. Thrive will balance your checkbook for you even while estimating credit scores; that is how effective this particular tool is in financially organizing your life.

Technology has been serving humanity for several decades; however recent advancements have made available a slew of technologies that will not only simplify life, but avail that ever elusive element known as peace of mind.

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