What is the New Name of Facebook Canvas Ads?

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Advertising through social media platforms has been a trend for the past decade. With time passing by there are many improvements being made to make the ads experience a lot better. As you know at start many websites were running ads on their website which were covering the whole design making it look really clustered. Making it difficult for the users to interact with the websites. It was same with the Facebook platform. When Facebook announced the process of advertising through their platform. It had the same outlook as the other sites which was numerous ads spread out in the main screen creating difficulty for effective interaction.

So now many platforms are thinking of different ways to keep the ads part effective and as clear as it can be.

As YouTube has improvised their idea of showing ads by integrating the ads as short videos which are shown while playing the YouTube video. Even the static ads are few in number which doesn’t ruin the user interface and user experience making it difficult for the users.

So now Facebook has come up with a new idea of showing the ads by creating a proper separate canvas or framework that will happen to be for showing ads in a detailed manner by not compromising the space of the home screen.

The framework for ads works in such a way that these open up to be mini websites when the user clicks the ads he can view the whole details of the ads over that framework. There are different templates in order to have an option for the users to select the template which best suits their advertising campaign.

Following are the Facebook Instant Experience Ads templates that you can choose depending on your ease.

The first one is the Instant Storefront which is designed in a grid format that allows the ads to be represented in that manner.

The second type of framework for advertising is the Instant Lookbook. This lookbook is an instant way of showing your advertised products or services in an imagery form. This template is efficient and attractive too for the consumers.

The other template that you can choose is the Instant Customer Acquisition. This template is more of a technical one that allows the users to be able to view the ads and along with that the details of the ads showing advertised products and services from which the consumer has the option to call that product’s brand. Just like the name of the template it is for the customers to acquire the right information for the products or services.

Another framework for the advertisement of different products or services to Instagram followers which can get from this website smfame is by the Instant Storytelling. This template allows the businesses and brands to show their products and services in a more effective, detailed and in an attractive way.

The best thing about this Facebook’s new improvised feature is that these all templates are efficient and also very attractive to use. These templates don’t compromise the advertisement campaigns by the brands and businesses. Make sure to try it out if you are looking to advertise your business as it will help you in improving your business.

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