3 Signs Your Relationships Ruin Your College Experience

There is no doubt that college years are a special time for everyone. Actually, they are the best years of your life when you get a new sense of freedom, make lifelong friends, study for your future, and if you are lucky, you may fall in love. Of course, student life is not always easy, and when you cram for exams or do research for endless papers, you may feel that there are not enough hours in a day. But if you make an effort, you can find a healthy balance between studying and personal life, especially if you get help at a good essay writing service WritePro.

Dating in college becomes more challenging than it was when you were in high school. You often can’t meet your significant one on a daily basis, you have a busy schedule and live under constant stress, and you may have problems with money and time management. So, is it worth it to be in a relationship in college?

The idea of falling in love is amazing, but if it’s during college, it might not be the best idea because it can come with a consequence. So when you are dating in college, you should always remember about one golden rule: don’t let your romantic relationship ruin your college experience.

But how can you tell that being in relationship ruins your college experience? Keep reading to learn about obvious signs that falling in love can ruin your life in college.


When you first start dating someone, everything seems so great and magical. Your partner and your relationship are all you can think about. It can be easily explained from the scientific point of view. Chemical reactions in your brain cause your reactions at the early stages of your relationships. And it may be a bad thing because such brain activity can cause distractions.

According to a study, relationships have something in common with drug addiction. It’s dopamine that is being released during the early stages of the relationships. This chemical is also involved in drug addiction and can make you become obsessive and crave for your partner. This feeling may be sweet in the beginning, but it can also interfere with your work and studies.

If you are dreaming about the date with your partner all day long, you will hardly be able to stay focused on your coursework assignments. Another aspect is deliberation when you have to choose between writing that sociology paper or going to a party with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can hardly resist the temptation to meet your partner over the coursework, and your grades may suffer quickly.

You Are Losing Your Friends

When you spend tons of time with your partner, your friends may get upset with such behavior. It can be challenging to find enough time for hanging out both with your partner and your friends. That’s why your friends may feel underappreciated. You can’t remember the time when you went out somewhere or talked with your best friend about something except your relationship. Soon you may realize that your close friends are not your friends anymore and it’s your fault that they have gone. And you don’t make any new friends at this time because you have no time for parties and socializing. Soon you realize that actually, your significant one is your only friend. Typically, college relationships don’t last long so at some point, you experience heartbreak and are absolutely alone.