Things to Know about Deleting Files and Recovering Them

When you have deleted a file, the file is actually not really deleted. The files are and will always be on the hard disk. Uniquely, it is even for those files that have been permanently deleted from the Recycle Bin. Sure, it means you still have a chance to recover it later by using a sort of data recovery software. One of them is iSkysoft data recovery.

Data Recovery: Recover Files from Windows and Mac
Data Recovery: Recover Files from Windows and Mac

What happens when deleting the files?

Windows and any other operating system is equipped by components and features to track the files in the hard disk. If you delete a file, the only deleted part is actually the pointer or the sign of the sector containing the complete data. In the perspective of the file system, the file is no longer there and the sector is considered the free space. Well, for the common users, this perspective is what you see. But the reality inside the computer, it is not exactly like that.

The files are then always there until you write the new data. The new data can be in the form of the files moving to this disk. However, writing the data takes more time than the process of deletion. Therefore, as long as the data have still not yet stacked by the others, it is still possible for you to recover it using iSkysoft data recovery software.

But anyway, if the data have been stacked by the new data, is it still possible to recover data from computer and any storage device using iSkysoft data recovery? It is possible for sure but depending on the situations and how long the new data have been there. If the new data are saved months or even years after the old ones were deleted, sure, the chance to bring the old data back is getting fewer.

Why isn’t the computer deleting the files immediately?

If you wonder why the computer doesn’t immediately delete the files after you are purposively deleting it, the answer is actually quite simple. Deleting the pointer is basically a relatively fast process. On the other hand, stacking the remaining data with the new files needs more time. The system in the computer must write down the new data little by little before it is permanently kept there. Then, what the data recovery software must do is just tracking the writing and publishing it in the form of a complete file.

Does it work in the external hard drive?

Basically, all the hard drives work in similar ways whether it is the internal or external ones. However, the external hard drives work a little bit different in term of writing down the data. The external hard drive is developed with a fewer ability in term of keeping the deleted written data. That’s why; although it is possible to recover the data from this hard drive, the result is not as good as the data recovery process in the internal hard drive. Yes, the old data need less time to be stacked by the new ones.

How to recover data from computer and any storage device?

No matter how good iSkysoft data recovery software is, there are some matters you must consider in term of the data recovery. First, you must bring back the files as soon as possible. Just after realizing that the deleted files are still important, you must recover them immediately. It is before the old data are overwritten by the new ones.

Second, it is wiser to use the space of the hard drive as little as possible. It is not only about saving the space for something more important. This action is also important to avoid the overwritten space when some other files have been deleted.

Third, use iSkysoft toolbox for the data recovery software. This toolbox is known to detect the remaining data that have been very old. Even if the data have been stacked by the new ones in some months, this software is proven to track it and then recover it with the more satisfying results.


Based on the explanation above, it is known that the deleted files basically still remain the data that will always be there except they are overwritten. How the data recovery software works is to track and bring it back to the initial position. But even if the software is really beneficial, you must still be really careful in treating your files. Well, they should not be deleted when in fact, you still need them.

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