How to Get Page 1 Rank in Google?

Google SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Fighting for survival with your website in this ONLINE world? Need to attract more traffic to your website?

What would be better than your website being listed on the very first page of the leading search engine’s results? Uhh…

How to rank in page 1 in Google?

Well, if you want to achieve this, you’ve got to get down to some serious work. No one can guarantee a first page ranker but if you do this post justice, your website will certainly benefit manifolds (and possibly a page 1 ranking in Google).

There are many approaches to ‘make’ Google take you to the top. We’ll be discussing some of them down this article.

How does Google Search works?

Google Search

Nowadays, Google has a very important role to play in every field. Without search engines like Google, it would be impossible to search for anything on the web. But how does it manage and control the data uploaded daily and display the most relevant ones to us?

Well, there are programs dedicated for this job. These automated programs are called crawlers/spiders and are used by most of the search engines out there. These pages crawls (fetches) the articles and indexes them accordingly. The search engines also have keyword sets and the locations (web articles/sites) where they can be found.

What makes Google better than others?

It’s the way how pages are ranked on Google which determine the order of their appearance on the Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Google has several algorithms which determine this very ranking of the pages (your curiosity will be satisfied when we discuss about them down the line).

How to write an article worth the first page ranking in Google?

Write | Writing Tips | How to write an article worth the Google first page ranking?

In this section, we’ll discuss about the techniques to write an article good enough.

  • Useful Contents

    Make your posts as to the point as possible and do not add unnecessary contents to it. Keep in mind, Google is a very intelligent engine. It has advanced algorithms which can detect irrelevant content and affect the ranking badly.

    The two most popular and useful algorithms used by Google are Hummingbird and RankBrain.The official logo for Google Hummingbird, a massive update to Google search algorithm.
    Google Hummingbird is an algorithm launched on 22nd August, 2013 which, with the help of Natural Language Processing, ranks the pages according to the intentions of the user (instead of querying specific search keywords).

    Google RankBrain Algorithm logo image
    Google RankBrain is the algorithm, launched on 26th October, 2015, which Google uses to understand the meaning behind the search queries and display the best matches according to the meanings as opposed to keywords.

    These algorithms help Google to target low quality, shallow contents and poor UX.
  • Original Content

    Plagiarism (duplicate content) is something which is totally unacceptable to Google. They have put in special algorithms to test for plagiarism in the webpage and it affects the ranking of the page very noticeably. Keep your contents original and in case of copied snippets, acknowledge the sources.The Google Panda Algorithm logo
    The Google Panda Algorithm is a very powerful tool used by Google to test for plagiarism and rank pages accordingly.
  • Suitable Titles and Keywords

    Titles are like heading for the websites which encapsulate information about the page in a single phrase. Writing suitable titles for every page is a very good practice, as it tells the users as well as the search engines about the page, thus helping in categorising and ranking it better.SEO Keyword Research
    Keywords are words which are indexed on the pages by the engine and help in searching and segregating pages.
  • Backlinks to the Webpage

    The backlinks to your webpage play a very vital role in the popularity of the webpage, thus, the ranking. More links to the page increases the chances of it being easily found, both by the users as well as Google. The pages are ranked by the engine on the basis of many factors among which the number of backlinks from different sites is very important.SEO Google Penguin Algorithm Image
    Like always, spamming isn’t tolerated here as well. The Google Penguin Algorithm make it possible for Google to analyse the links on the page and the backlinks to the page. It ranks the webpage according the quality of links on the webpage.
  • Adding Images, Videos and Other Contents

    Adding images, videos, maps, books, etc help the webpage have higher chances of being found. This is because it diversifies the sections under which the particular page can be searched. Let’s take the example of images; if you add images to your webpage, apart from the general search section, they will also be ranked in the Image Search section. This improves the chances of the particular page to be spotted above many others. So, more variety in content leads to higher probability of better rankings.

    Note: It is preferable to upload the images in the more commonly supported formats.
  • Mobile Friendliness

    This is a very important factor which every website owner should know. The increased mobile internet usage has led to very high traffic from the mobile than from the computers. This makes it very important to make your web pages mobile friendly. Non-mobile-supportive webpages are heavily impacted in the Google’s search engine results page (SERP).
  • Using ‘Descriptions’ for the Pages

    Google uses relevant information from the webpage to match the user’s queries and display search results. This is where a description helps the engine. The best practice is to summarise the page in a few lines and to use page specific descriptions instead of a generic one.
  • Systematic Navigation

    The best way to let Google crawl your webpage is letting it do it like any other user. The crawlers crawl every bit of data on the page and visits the links added (and crawls them). This lets it bundle the whole site together and ranker it in a more efficient manner.

We’ve just discussed about quite a number of key-points to keep in mind for better SERP ranking. Although, this cannot guarantee a first page rank (nothing can), it does promise a remarked improvement in search engine traffic.

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