A 5-Step Home Security Guide (That ANYONE Can Follow)

With the shocking statistics on the number of burglaries that occur in a year, you cannot take your safety for granted. Your home security systems should, therefore, be a priority. The reality is that it may not always be possible to prevent a burglary. However, there are steps you can take to decrease the likelihood of you becoming a burglary victim.

The main idea is to make it hard for them to gain access to your property. A thief does not like any inconvenience, and that is why it is important that you make it hard for them to enter your house.

We will share with you five Home Security steps you can take to increase your safety.

1. Invest in a Home Security System

A home security system has become a must-have for most homes. Burglars tend to avoid houses that have alarms. There are many options available for you to choose from in the market. The choice of the best one to buy will depend on what you as an individual want.

Some home security systems turn your house into a smart home. They are good because they allow for remote monitoring. You also have additional functionality like being able to control the lights. Others have thermostat and humidity adjustors, smoke detectors, among other capabilities.

You can cut out the cost of installation by getting DIY home security systems. Such are plug-and-play and are therefore very easy to set up.

Also, consider video monitoring, but you will have to factor in the monthly cost.

2. Secure Your Doors and Windows

Doors and windows that are not secure are the number one entry point for most burglars. Do not make it so easy for them. Invest in high quality, high-strength doors, windows, frames, hinges, and locks.

With smart home technology, you can install smart locks, so that you can lock and unlock remotely. Smart locks are especially important if you forgot to lock up when you are leaving. Secondly, if you need to give anyone access to the house, you do not need to be within the home vicinity. The other advantage is that you do not need to make copies of your keys and share them with anyone.

If you have sliding glass doors, make sure you reinforce them. A dowel or window bar will make it hard to open the door. Alternatively, install sensors so that you get an alert in case there is a breach.

3. Secure the Outdoors

Home Security

Home security is so much more than just the indoors. Neglecting to take care of the outdoors will give thieves sufficient hiding spaces. Trim down trees and bushy plants so they cannot hide behind them. Trees near windows may not be a good idea, because they can climb them to gain access to the house.

Buy small trash cans that cannot give good cover. Put away things like ladders, and make sure you lock your garage or outdoor shed. Do not leave anything expensive outside because you will attract thieves.

Expensive outdoor furniture can give the impression that there is a lot of money within the home. So be careful about what you display within your compound.

4. Light Up Your Home

Light up your home as much as possible because thieves prefer to operate in the dark. Invest in sufficient outdoor lighting, and ensure there are no dark spots within the compound. The illumination will act as a deterrent for most burglars.

There are certain lights that you need to consider getting. Motion sensor lights come on if a burglar passes under them, thus giving you an alert. The more sophisticated ones have heat sensors as well.

There are also some lights that you can set to come on when darkness falls, and go off in the morning.

5. Create the Impression You Are Home At All Times

Home Security

When a burglar knows that there’s no-one home; they are more likely to strike. If you know you’ll be away for some time; there are certain steps you can take to create the impression that you are home.

  • Ask family or friends to drop in occasionally.
  • Stop the delivery of mail and newspapers. If the deliveries continue, they will pile up on the mailbox or front door. It will, therefore, be clear that no one is in.
  • Continue with normal activities – if you have a dog, ask friends or family members to walk it every day. If the cleaning crew comes in every Wednesday, maintain the schedule.
  • Smart automation can allow you to set the lights or TV on a timer. Any noise will scare away the intruder.

Final Thoughts

You need to take basic steps to secure your home. While some of the activities have a cost implication, look at it at as a long-term investment.

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