Five Important SEO Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2019

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Do you really want success in 2019 for your online business, and are you serious about growing your business? Are you really keeping up with the quick-paced digital world? If not, then it is time to change, as without SEO your web being is doomed for failure. You must know the tips and tricks by which you can boost your site traffic and rank in the Google search engine result pages as the ranking in the SERPs can outstandingly improve the return on investment (ROI) and conversion rate. The world of digital marketing is perpetually evolving, which is why following the new trends timely is the only pathway to success. Many good SEO Companies can help you to check your SEO mistakes.

If you have still not adopted the new Search Engine Optimization trends, then it is time to shift to the latest strategies. In this article, we have highlighted some important SEO mistakes to avoid in 2019.

SEO mistakes you should avoid in 2019 - Don't Do These Things.

Ignoring User Friendliness

Have you set up your site in a way, which the users want? Is your website developed mobile responsive? If not, then it means you are ignoring, which is a significant SEO factor. Site optimization is a much important factor in the ranking site game. Keywords and meta tags cannot keep your users on the site for a long time, but an easy to voyage and responsive layout can.

Quantity of Links Over Quality

More backlinks your website gets, the better right?

Buying backlinks is fast, easy, and cheap. You can find any number of SEO companies who will build a bunch of backlinks for you. In a week or two, they can heap up some dozen backlinks pointing directly at the pages you define.

But that could ruin your website, mainly if the following is true:

  • You receive a significant number of such backlinks in a short period.
  • The site that links is penalized.
  • The website that links has low Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

Forgetting Image Tags

For sure, websites with brilliant pictures look excellent and more engaging for website users. But all of these high quality images are invisible to the search engines. To make them visible, you have to must use image tags.

Check out to add alt tags on each image on the website. This will make your pictures be optimized indeed for search engines. Also, an image description combined with a caption are bonuses for the search engines. It’s essential not to fill your alt tags with a keyword in the image. Try to use real descriptions and include keywords if they are befitting.

Building Too Many Links Too Fast

How many backlinks do you need to build to rank for competitive terms? You don’t need too many backlinks in less time. What you need is time and quality backlinks to get SERP traction. Slow is what’s winning the race in the SEO game.

If you think building many backlinks is better for you, look at this case study by Marcus Taylor, founder & CEO of Venture Harbour. He built 10 thousand backlinks within 24 hours and shot up to a number one ranking on, but within three weeks he was pushed down because he made too many links.

Keyword Stuffing

It is not a great idea to overemphasize the power of keywords in SEO. You cannot boost your Search engine optimization by using too many keywords. The keywords must be used naturally in the content you write. Using many keywords in a low length article will make it look spam. The keyword stuffing cannot bring you conversions as the people may get to open your website, but they will not stay much time on it. So, instead of using many keywords, you should target a few good keywords which can help you to rank your website higher.

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