Better Water Results in Better Health of the Employees

Woman Drinking Water
Woman Drinking Water (Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels).

Water is the substance without which one cannot live for even few days. The body requires some levels of water each and every day in order to support the working of various organs in the human body. This is involved in each function from circulation to digestion and all others as well. The water is continuously being lost from our bodies which need to be replaced. Some is gone through excretion and sweat whereas some is absorbed by various processes in the body itself.

The water is used for various purposes like irrigation, cooking, drinking and many more. Water which can be used for drinking is known as potable water. Our body uses water in all cells, tissues and organs in order to control the temperature and maintain other functions. Even the water provides home to millions of creatures on this mother earth. Many animals are directly dependent on water for survival. Even the water helps in transportation of perishable and non perishable goods and services from one place to another. This is generally referred to as cargo. Water is soup of life and has uncountable uses and it is the moral responsibility of the humans to save it.

Water is purified using purifiers at household level and commercial purifiers at commercial level. RO is the technology which is used for cleaning and purifying the water and making it fit for consumption purposes. Taking care of employees is the moral duty of every organization and is considered to be an important part of the business ethics. When all employees are happy organization automatically grows. Various surveys show that happy employees lead to easier and better goals achievement. There are a number of ways to keep employees happy but they must provide the basic amenities which everyone deserves as a part of life. Employee’s which are not properly hydrated are not able to perform the given tasks with full efficiency and effectiveness and perform only up to 65% of the abilities. Providing clean and safe water to employees is one of the best ways to ensure that employees are hydrated and have proper drinking habits and even perform up to the best of their abilities which leads to improvements of health as well.

Various businesses involve various welfare plans for employees like gym memberships and all. But installing a commercial water purifier is the major step which is to be taken by the companies. This will help in improving the health of employees and lead to the following benefits:

  • Less leaves: Drinking safe and clean water will lead to better health. As 35% of the diseases are water borne and this involves huge health issues. Installing a commercial purifier will help in removing all such doubts of ill health of employees and even will reduce the sick leaves. This ensures the employees are healthy and happy and perform with their best abilities. Nowadays employees are very stressed which cause dehydration and even this problem can be solved by installing the commercial purifiers.
  • More productivity: The researches show that dehydration causes afternoon slump. This can even affect the blood flow to the brain which reduces reaction time and various mental processes. This problem can be tackled by installing a commercial water purifier at the workplace. Healthy employees lead to better performance of the tasks allocated to them and lead to overall achievement of the departmental and organizational goals as well.
  • Saves money: Installing a water purifier can save money as there will be no need to buy the water bottles. This can also help to save a lot of manpower efforts as well. Also it is believed that the purifiers are safer than bottled water as one cannot trust the source of bottles. Also bottles cause a lot of waste in the form of plastic and are even not safe for the environment.
  • Goals achievement: Better the health of employees better will be their performance. This will help them to meet targets of the departments in which they work leading to the goals achievement of the department and overall the organization as well.

There are a number of factors to be considered while purchasing the commercial water purifier for the organizations. These are as follows:

  • Understanding quality: The basic requirement is to understand the quality and source of water. Groundwater has more TDS and is acidic also causes many gastro related problems. So commercial purifier is a must thing in such a case. Water supplied by municipal corporations has fewer amounts of TDS and one needs protection from bacteria. In such a case choosing a purifier with UV technology is important. No bacteria can surpass the RO treatments and this will ensure safe and clean water to the full organization.
  • Better credibility: The organization must go with the famous brands in such cases and not with the local brands. Famous brands have image in the market and there is no chance of frauds and compromise on quality. They provide the best of the quality and safe and clean water. This should be a factor while deciding the filter to be installed.
  • Certifications: The various companies have received certifications from various laboratories and experts which help in building the brand image and reputation of the company. Thus the organizations must go with the brands with certifications while deciding the filter to be purchased.
  • Service backup: The companies must go with the commercial RO purifiers which provide the service backups. They must provide the mechanisms under which the employees make timely visits in order to check the performance of the filters and cartridges and ensure proper and timely repairs so that there is no harm with the quality of water. This is one of the main factors to be considered while making the purchase decisions.

Thus providing a safe and healthy work environment is a basic necessity in order to have better health of the employees so that they can perform up to their full extent and capabilities so that the goals of the organization are achieved effectively and efficiently. This will ensure less leaves and more productivity on behalf of employees.

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