Use a One Wheel Electric Unicycle on Your Commute

If there is one part of the working day that gets everyone down, it has to be the morning commute. The evening one is not so bad as you know you’re on the way home, but the morning – it’s a drag! If, like most people, you travel by public transport, it likely goes like this: walk to the bus stop or train station, wait in the cold or bake in the heat, get on a crowded vehicle and endure a journey to the final stop. Then, you have to walk further to get to your office or place of work, through the crowds of people all doing the same thing.

Even if you travel by car, many workplaces don’t have their own parking lots, so you’ll crawl to work in a long line of cars, park where you can, and then complete the journey on foot. But, what if there was a portable vehicle, an efficient and affordable one, that you could carry with you and use for the slow waling bits of the journey? There is, and it might surprise you when we suggest you use an electric unicycle! What are they all about? Let’s have a look!

Use a One Wheel Electric Unicycle on Your Commute

Why Electric Unicycle?

We’re not talking about circus unicycles here; these are very modern, very clever little devices. They take the form of a single wheel, encased in a lightweight body, with platforms on the side on which you stand. You control them remotely – some can be commanded by your smartphone – and you can take yourself through the crowds more quickly and easily than walking, and it’s great fun, too! They are compact and can be folded flat for carrying and storage, and you can recharge the batteries from a USB port while you work!

But, we know what you’re thinking: you’re worried you’ll fall off, right? After all, it took you ages to master balancing on two wheels, never mind just one! What if we told you these brilliant unicycles are self-balancing? Using gyroscopes and further gizmos, the electric unicycle stays upright when on the move – it’s brilliant, and some of them can reach surprisingly high speeds – 30mph and more! Of course, we’re not saying you should do 30mph through a crowd of commuters! There are many different makes and models to choose from with different performance levels – and widely variable prices, too.

Choosing an Electric Unicycle

You can find out more about the electric unicycle at where the best models are featured and specifications are listed. Check Scooters Electric for a more traditional e-scooter. We would suggest that, for the commuter run, the Monowheel V2 is the ideal model for you. It’s a very compact design with a very neat extendable handle that makes carrying it simple, it can do 10 mph and a bit more – ample speed for the commute – and has a range of 18 miles on a full charge, so should be capable of getting you to and from work with no trouble at all!

Like most of them, it also comes with Bluetooth speakers, so you can enjoy music while you’re on the move! You can pick one of these up for under $500 – as at the time of writing – but at the other end of the price scale, you can find some really special machines.

If you really want to push the boat out, the Rockwell GT with it’s 30mph speed, 40 mile range and superb all-round performance and looks is the model to go for, and there are others that are built for all-terrain use, too. Make the commute easier, less stressful and more fun – check out electric unicycles now, and be the one who sets the trend!

Learn How To Ride A One Wheel Electric Unicycle (Video)

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