Useful Steps On How To Keep Your Dog Inside Your Yard Fence

A crucial factor of taking care of a dog is to ensure that he does not escape the yard, both for the benefit of your neighbors and the safety of your dog. When you give him a safe, comfortable, and escape-proof area where he can rest, you can achieve just that. You can keep your dog from escaping by preventing him from scaling the fence, tunneling, and correct unfavorable behavior. One unfavorable behavior of dogs is biting especially when they feel threatened by people they don’t know. Visit Petdt for more dog bites information.

Adult Kelpie Dog Behind Wooden Fence
Adult Kelpie Dog Behind Wooden Fence | Photo by Janko Ferlic from Pexels

Physical Steps You Can Take

  • Start by building a yard fence, which is high enough for him not to attempt scaling or jumping it.
  • You can bury a few inches of the chain-link fence under the ground when you install it, or you can dig a small trench surrounding the fence line of an existing fence. You can then fill the channel with rocks, bricks, or other hard materials, after which you can close it with soil. This will impede your dog from digging his way underneath the fence. You can also consider putting a pathway of concrete or brick pavers next to the base of the fence to dampen any thoughts of his of digging, and at the same time, you can add a beautiful landscape element.
  • Repair any damages or holes in the fence, including gaps that seem to be too small or high to get through. Curiosity can entice your pooch to try and pull an escape move. If he’s able to see through the fence, he will most likely have the urge to investigate.
  • Take away any object that can aid him in getting over the fence. For instance, trash cans or other large boulders next to the fence, which can be used as a launchpad for an intelligent little escape artist. You can check out more pet articles at Fuzzy Rescue.

Improving Behavior Issues

  • Place your dog on a long leash and allow him to roam the yard. If he tries to scale the fence, make sure you restrain him immediately and give him a verbal correction. Continue the exercise as needed.
  • Make time to take your dog inside and play with him to give him something other to think about than the fence.
  • Take off the leash, put the dog in the yard, and keep monitoring his behavior. As soon as he approaches the fence, call him by his name as a distraction. Reward him with a toy or a treat when he turns away from the fence towards you. When you reward him, dog trainers often recommend clicking a pen or using a training clicker, which is specifically designed for obedience training. With time, he will associate the clicker sound with his reward.
  • A dog must be getting plenty of daily exercise. Make time for him by playing with him, training him, and grooming him daily. Introduce him to other people and dogs in new environments. Maybe think about joining a dog club with activities he will enjoy that you can participate in twice a week. A dog always wants to be with his owner. Leaving him in the yard to occupy himself will lead to him getting bored and trying to venture into places that reach beyond his yard.
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