How to Use Discord to Game and Watch Movies With Friends

Have you ever felt the need to talk to your friends in between playing a game, sharing your game live, or watching movies together online? If so, you might have heard the name of one of the amazing apps named Discord. It is designed especially for gamers so that they can connect with other players in real-time. Another major use that ‘Discord’ holds is that its users can also watch movies together with friends using the server of this app.

With the increasing number of internet users, the daily users of this app are also increasing quickly. With its latest added features of live streaming and going live, it is ranking itself among the most popular apps, such as Skype. To take advantage of all the features and enjoy using Discord, you need to understand how it works and what it is.

What is Discord?

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Discord is free of cost application that works online and lets the users, mainly gamers, connect with other players and their friends. The users can find other players, connect to them, and play along. The connected players on the Discord server can video call, audio call, and text each other as they please.

It also provides the feature of sharing the screen so that the users can also share other things than games such as shows, and movies, etc. For being able to use these features, one must be clear about the functioning of the app. To learn how Discord works and how you can use it to play games and watch movies with friends, go through the details given below.

How does it work?

To understand the working of Discord, you must be clear about the meaning of the word servers. In Discord, you can create your chat room and invite other people to join through a server or say a particular link. When you invite the other person over a server, they will get a particular link with the help of which they can join your room. When once joined now you can chat, video call, play games, etc. as you wish to with the other person.

The server can further be divided into a number of channels related to specific topics for discussion. For the sake of privacy, you can always make your private channel on the server so that the people or friends that you want can only join into it. For specific people to enter your set up room, you have to invite them individually through the server. You have the option of making your server public or private. As suggested by the name in a public server, anyone can join the room. In a private server, only those people will be able to join, who will be invited specially to join.

If you want to understand how to charge access to Discord, check out this comprehensive guide by that explains the process step-by-step. By charging for access, you can monetize your server, and create a better community with engaged users.

Playing Games

For sharing your gaming experience over Discord initially, you have to be on a server and a voice chat room. After entering the room now, you can start the game. It will be recognized automatically by the server, and the option to ‘Go Live’ will appear on the screen. Once you select Go Live, then what you need to do is set up the name of the game and the channel. You can use also use the Discord Streaming Mode to seamlessly hide your personal information and integrate it with Twitch.

Now those who will want to watch it can see the broadcast and join in. Now when playing games in the chat room, you can talk to your friends in real-time. You can broadcast your game to the number of users at the same time, and they can also further share their gaming with you through the same platform.

Making Friends on Discord

Making new friends on Discord is as easy as on any other online platform says UseViral. The easiest way to find new friends is to look for the people in the servers that you have already joined. Once you add any person in your friend list, you will be able to contact them easily outside the servers as well. You can also search for your friends with their usernames and add them to the list. Furthermore, you can send your friends a request to add you to their friend list too.

Watching Movies Together

First of all, you have to connect your twitch stream or video to the Discord account. You can do this from settings and switching to the connection’s category.

You can also connect with the streaming mode by selecting the program you wish to stream within the Game Activity option. The list will show all the active programs and, you can choose any including a movie, internet browser, or YouTube streaming. You can share your screen with the help of ‘go live’ and start the live streaming of your screen.

A lot of gamers even make money by playing games. All you need to do is just have a good audience, essential software and you can make good money per streaming.

Discord allows its users to live stream in different qualities such as 720p or 1080p. The quality of the streaming will mainly depend upon the type of Discord account you have. You can also use this app on mobile as most of its functions are available on its mobile app too. So, avail the maximum benefits from Discord and enjoy gaming and movies virtually with your friends.

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