9 Effective Tips on Upgrading Your Slow Laptop

How to Fix Slow Laptop?

There is nothing more frightening than a laptop that runs slow. It can be a critical situation when you are in the middle of doing some important work and your laptop lags. Well, it is a technology-based gadget so naturally, it is safe to assume that due to technical aspects a laptop can take longer to respond to a task. But that being said, it is not impossible to fix that.

There are many reasonable elements that affect the speed and performance of an operating system. Before we jump to solutions, it is an absolute necessity to get the necessary information about the components that affect the laptop’s speed. To find out, read more below!

Expert Ways to Enhance Your Laptop’s Performance & Speed

There are many ways to enhance the speed of your laptop. Here are the most effective ones that you can try instantly:

1. Decrease Startup Programs

When you activate your laptop, many programs start to run in the background without your notice. It takes up most of the CPU space. Naturally, the speed of your laptop reduces too quickly, owing to these startup programs.

To remove these programs from taking space, go to your Task Manager. From there, go to the tab called “Start-up”. In there, you’ll come across programs that are taking up space in the CPU. Use the “Disable” button to not let it drain out the CPU. If you are a Mac user, then open “Users & Groups” from the directory called “System Preference Tools”. Now, go to the login items and disable the programs in the startup.

2. Remove Unused Programs

As time goes by, many software keeps piling up which we no longer use. If you have such applications then now is the time to remove them. These applications take a lot of space in your system. For example, high graphics games, heavy applications, etc.

Simply go to “Control Panel” and from there, select the option called “Uninstall a program”. For Mac OS, you need to drag the software to the Trash bin option. From there, delete the applications.

3. Disk Cleanup

Any operating system has an inbuilt feature called the Disk Cleanup program. It’s capacity for assessing programs and it is needed for making it run effectively. It goes through all the files of the system and gets rid of those that are of no use to the system. This can instantly boost the system’s speed.

Simply go to the search bar and type “Disk Cleanup”. Click on the result and follow the instructions for cleaning up. For Mac OS, go to the Apple icon on the top left section. Then, click on the option called “About this Mac”. In there you will get a list of drivers that are using up space. Click on “Optimize Storage” to get rid of unwanted files.

4. Install an SSD

Installing an SSD to your operating system can do wonder in terms of speed and performance. SSD or better known as Solid-State Drive is capable of storing huge amounts of data and files in memory chips. This makes it different from traditional hard drives. Getting an SSD can be a bit expensive but it is worth a while.

SSD can speed up the laptop, boost its performance efficiency, and decrease the response time during the launch of software or a startup. If you are not sure how to install them, getting a laptop repair Dubai service would do the job. Experts are well aware of the laptop intricacies so they can help you out with that.

5. Upgrade the RAM Version

Whenever you use any application or games, the data for operating them gets stored in RAM (Random Access Memory). So, if you are using multiple heavy software with an average RAM space, then your laptop will get slow. Instead, you can simply upgrade the RAM. This will give you access to more memory.

If you work with heavy applications then the minimum requirement of RAM would be 8 GB and higher. However, keep in mind that many laptops do not come with RAM that can be upgraded. If you are not sure, you can refer to experts and if required get requisite help for laptop repair services about this.

6. Run Malware Scan

Another possible reason why your laptop has become undeniably slow is due to possible malware in the system. Through many search sessions, ads, and bad links, viruses, and malware can get into your system and make it very slow. It can be a potential threat to the resource and personal data in your system as well. It is advisable to run an Antivirus or Malware Scan on the system. A scan session will detect the possibility of any damaged file and will immediately put it in quarantine and then finally remove them from the system.

7. Update Operating System

Laptops tend to become slow if the operating system has not been updated to its latest version for a while now. Many software bugs and technical glitches in the system can cause the speed to slow down. But, updating it to the latest version will enhance speed and performance.

To upgrade, go to “Settings” from the search bar. There, go to the tab called “Update & Security”. Now, go to the tab called “Recovery” and simply uninstall the OS. Then, reinstall it again. This way, when you reinstall it, the latest version will be installed. Or, if there is any new updates available, click on the “Update” option to do it.

8. Reduce Animation

Animation for any operation can seem very attractive until you realize it might be taking up on more resources and space. In that case, you can reduce it for better performance in the following way:

Go to the “Search” bar and look up “View Advanced System Settings”. Now, from there, select the option called “Performance” and then click on “Settings”. Go to “Visual Effects”, from there choose the setting that says “Adjust for best performance”. By doing this, many animation effects that are unnecessary will be disabled.

For Mac OS, go to the option called “System Preferences”. From there, visit the tab called “Dock”. Now you will have a manual for tuning the animation the way you want. You can disable the Animate opening application and exit.

9. Update Drivers

If your drivers are old then now is the time for you to upgrade them into their latest version. An upgraded driver gives life to your hardware and eliminates the possibilities of bugs which might be reducing the system speed & performance.

Now that you know how to enhance the speed and performance of the laptop, get started!

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