Advantages of Learning the German Language

It is often humored that life is too short to learn a language like German. However, there are numerous reasons why this language is good to learn. When we learn new languages, we learn about the culture of the natives, their heritage, as well as the academics and advancement of technology in the country. One of the easiest ways to learn is by submerging yourself in the language and taking help from a German tutor.

The Importance of German Language:

German is the second most spoken language in the whole continent of Europe and considered a common language that is adopted by non-native speakers in that region in order to connect with other people from Central and Eastern Europe. The residents prefer to hire a German tutor to master the language because it is officially used in countries like Germany, Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein, amongst many other places.

Wider Opportunities for Business and Education:

Germany is the third-largest country that offers professional education for postdoctoral degrees and investigations for international scientists. It leads the global markets of automobiles, for example, Audi and Volkswagen, as well as the aeronautical industry with Lufthansa. The capital of Germany, i.e., Berlin, is known as the Silicon Valley of Europe, which means that learning this language can open doors to numerous opportunities for businesses. Moreover, the universities in this part of the world have surprisingly low tuition fees and DAAD awards numerous scholarships to students, for instance, 48,254 scholarships in the year 2014 to foreign students.

Experience in Art and Literature:

The world’s most famous artists like Hans Holbein, the Younger, and Franz Marc are native to Germany as well as the well-renowned literature Der Tod in Venedig (Death in Venice) by Thomas Mann. What better way of enjoying art than in its own native language?

Similar to the English Language:

In addition, the German language has many similarities to the English language since it is adopted from the West Germanic languages. It is easy to link the vocabulary and relate it to similar ones in English. The only difference is the pronunciation, which can be achieved with trial and error method, as with learning any new language. For example, the word ‘water’ is translated to ‘wasser’ and ‘chin’ to ‘kinn’. It is not a difficult language what so ever.

Not as Difficult to Learn:

Furthermore, the language is not difficult to learn; it just depends on the individual’s capabilities and capacities when starting with a new language. If the students are determined and have a clear view of the goals in front of them, such as studying in a university through cultural exchange or starting a career in the German industries, it will keep them motivated constantly to achieve the target. So now is the best time to take on a summer project and start learning to speak German. Just make sure to research well and use proper tools to learn the new language to ensure that the process of learning is smooth and won’t overwhelm you. Try finding German dictionaries online and reading different articles or blogs about your interest to motivate you to become a fluent speaker.

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