Effortless Ways of Building Customer Trust as Illustrated by Michael Giannulis

For making a purchase, a customer needs to trust you. They must have good trust regarding your business message’s accuracy, the reliability of your products and services, and delivery services. Companies know one thing that they cannot accomplish trust in a short time. They have to make long term efforts and work hard to achieve the confidence of their target customers. They have to repair their image and make provisions for many advertisements to create a positive and lasting impression on the customers’ minds.

Mike Giannulis on some exciting ways of earning customer trust

  • Improve security: First of all, ensure that your customers feel safe while making any purchase from your organization. Even if you are not selling a product, the customers will visit your website because they feel safe with your brand. If you spam the customers with advertising and checkout processes that are difficult to follow, customers may not trust your brand. By using trusted payment options, displaying trust badges proudly, you may increase the chances of gaining customer trust.
  • Social platform: Social media has provided entrepreneurs with a new platform for engaging with their customers. It furnishes numerous ways of building the brand’s visibility, attracting more followers, and finding what attracts them. The more frequent you are with social media activities, the faster it will build your trust level. By engaging with previous and new followers, posting videos and images, and updating customers with brand information and news, you may appease your old and new clients.
  • Over-deliver and under-promise: According to Mike Giannulis, one reason why customers do not trust a particular brand is that they feel they get confronted with lies. In case they feel manipulated and deceived, they will part away with your brand. Hence, you over deliver and under promise efforts which ensure the satisfaction of customer expectations. Convey to your customers the reason for the delay in shipping a product not to feel any risk.
  • Customer service: If there is an issue with your brand, it makes the trust fragile. If they receive helpful, prompt, and outstanding customer service, it will express your reliability. On the other hand, if they experience a problem, they may look for alternatives. Whenever possible, you must offer the customers reliable customer service. Ensure that the customers feel appreciated and heard while dealing with your brand.

Building customer trust is not a one-time event. Moreover, it is also not a straightforward path. You will have to strategize all your efforts in the right direction for gaining customer trust. The most powerful tool in this regard is consistency. The more consistent you are, the better are the chances of grabbing loyal customers. Building a strong reputation ensures that you are always available for your customers. For this, provide your customers with multiple lines of contact operating at all times. Therefore you must stay vigilant and robust to entice users. Do not make false promises as it will affect your relationship with the client.

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