The Positive and Negative Effects Modern Gadgets on Children Development

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Technology undeniably became an integral part of our daily lives! Do you know someone who doesn’t have a smartphone or Wi-Fi at home? Probably, not! We know that all affect us in different ways, right? But do you know what are bad and good effects of modern technology on kids?

Here is the thing! We know that we live in the digital era, don’t we? Do you remember how excited we were when the first smartphones appeared? Everyone saw them as a revolutionary invention! But look where we are now! Not only that the smartphones and laptops became incredibly advanced, but we have smart cars, smart homes, etc. Apart from that, we also have a plethora of gadgets and appliances designed to make our lives easier and keep us entertained.

As you probably know, technological progress is followed by ongoing discussions related to its effects. Some people insist these are all phenomenal innovations. They say that lives are so much easier now because we can communicate with friends and family members who live far away, be aware of what is going on in our homes even when we go on holidays, etc. As a great achievement of technology, they point out that because of it we now have much better access to healthcare, education, etc.

Others, on another hand, believe that it is all just a bit too much. In their opinion, even though there are plenty of good things, somehow we arrived at the point where the bad outweighs the good. As one of the biggest problems, they see that we became over-dependent on our gadgets.

And this, according to them, particularly adversely affects kids. They point out that it is becoming harder to limit the time children use the gadgets, and they list two reasons for this problem! One is that kids see that we are using them all the time, so they don’t understand why they shouldn’t. Besides that, due to pandemic-related measures and restrictions, kids spent practically the entire year learning remotely. Limiting the time they spend playing games or chatting on social media was one thing. But now, when they need laptops and phones for most of their schoolwork and homework controlling things has become a real challenge.

Hearing all those contradicting opinions, made us curious about the effects of modern gadgets on children’s values. We began to wonder, “Do the gadgets harm or help? What would life be like for us if we had all these things kids and young people have today?” We couldn’t answer all of these questions by ourselves, so we decided to consult experts for children’s mental and physical health!

What Modern Gadgets Are

Today there probably isn’t a person who doesn’t know what are modern gadgets. Even some of our friends who are against all kinds of technology can list at least ten examples of modern tech devices. We often point out that gadgets make our lives easier! But do you know how do gadgets help us in reality? Imagine being in a long-distance relationship, for example! It’s hard to even without the pandemic, isn’t it? But at least we have Wi-Fi, and all the applications like WhatsApp, Skype, etc., make the distance more bearable. Then, there is also the relation between modern gadgets and human health. Nowadays, there are those fitness trackers that monitor our heart rate and other things which can be essential in determining whether there is a potential problem. “Okay, so they are useful for us! But still, they can’t be that good for kids,” you may think.

How Gadgets Affect Children

We strongly believe that when talking about ways how technology affects children, we first need to understand that things aren’t as black and white as some would like to make them seem. Technology affects children in plenty of ways. Some are positive; others are less or not at all. Indeed we have to monitor and control the time kids spend using gadgets! But this doesn’t mean forbidding them to use electronics under the pretense that it is bad for them! Particularly because this is not entirely true. Now let’s see how different types of gadgets and their uses affect children.

Good Effects of Modern Gadgets

They Promote Learning

Honestly, even though we generally like school and studying, some things were annoying when we were young. “Okay, “you will say, “It’s like that for every kid!” But hear us out! In the past, we had only books, right?! So we could only read about things we needed or wanted to learn! Now because of augmented and virtual reality, kids can see things they are reading about. You have to admit that it is much better to see the human heart in 3D than to read about it. If you think about this, the effects of modern technology on the learning habits of the students are pretty straightforward.

Problem Solving Skills

Many people don’t think about it, but there are good effects of modern gadgets when you play video games. Namely, games are full of tasks and problems that kids need to solve. Since they like the game they are playing and want to progress, they will take the time to work out the problem. It is something that will teach them how to be persistent in solving problems in real life as well.

Relationship Building

You may be surprised by this, but the truth is that technology helps kids make friends and build relationships. Nowadays, it is much easier to find kids who like to play games than those who don’t. So your children will have fewer challenges finding those who share their interests. Besides that, if they are older they will meet kids from other countries who play the same games. If you are wondering why gadgets are useful, here you can find the answer. The ability to interact with kids from other counties will help them learn more about different cultures. They might even start learning a new language.

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Bad Effects of Gadgets


Obesity is one of the first negative effects of modern gadgets. The statistic provided by Center for Disease Control shows there are about 14.4 million obese children and adolescents. The prevalence in the 2 to 5 age group was 13.4%. About 20% of kids between 6 and 11 years old were overweight or obese. The prevalence among teenagers is about 22%. From these facts, it is clear that obesity is a severe problem for the young population, and sedentary life and the use of electronics contribute to it to a large extent.

Poor Sleep Quality

Plenty of studies indicate that children who use gadgets before bedtime have impaired sleep. It may surprise you, but their sleep can be disrupted even if they keep the devices in their bedroom. The fact is that technology can be great, but when it is used moderately. Sleep, as we know, is critical for a kid’s development. To prevent sleeping problems, make a plan with your kids to leave all of their devices in the living room or kitchen before going to sleep.


That’s all for today, folks! As you can see, there are negative and good effects of modern gadgets on children. Some kids are super passionate and tech-savvy. We believe that this is something that adults need to encourage as it can bring plenty of benefits in the future. Keep in mind that you have to monitor and limit the time your kids spend with their devices. What are your experiences and ideas about kids and technology?

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  1. Everything has two sides positive and negative. In this current situation When we have technology in every aspect of our lives, it is difficult to keep kids away from it. This article is very much useful for toddlers’ parents to understand the positive and negative aspects of modern technology.

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