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With the introduction of iCloud, Apple has launched the security standards of iOS devices. An iPhone user can store or download the media files without experiencing any data breaching instances. Moreover, with iCloud, you get the opportunity to save a considerable amount of information on Apple devices. Earlier, iOS users had to download the iCloud photos to transfer those in Google Photos. But recently, Apple has added a new service that will restore the iCloud content in Google Photos without downloading them.

All you need to do is log in to the iCloud account with the right credentials at first. Then, visit Apple’s official Data and Privacy website to check whether the “Transfer a copy of your data” option is available. Can you notice this option? Yes! Then, after tapping on this option, choose the photos or videos that you want to copy from iCloud. Right after that, make sure to log into the Google Account to complete the data transfer process.

But, before using this exclusive feature, it’s important to check whether the Apple ID has two-factor authentication. Additionally, without having enough storage in Google Photos, the iOS users won’t be able to send the iCloud data. So, consider removing the unwanted photos before initiating the data transfer procedure.

Do you want to know more about this new Apple service? Here we have compiled some essential information on iCloud to Google Photos data transfer:

How Long it Takes to Transfer the iCloud Photos/Videos to Google Photos?

Well, Apple has confirmed that it will take 3-7 days to send the photos or videos from iCloud to Google Photos. The time is required to verify whether the required media has successfully transferred to Google accounts. Currently, more than 240 countries can avail Apple’s new service from their iOS devices.

However, you might face difficulties in choosing the incorrect file format in iCloud photos. So, check which file format is supported in Google Photos before transferring the files.

Moreover, an iOS user can’t send the data that are in iCloud’s Smart Albums or Live Photos. Also, you won’t be able to transfer the RAW files from iCloud to Google Photos. Search “Apple Service Center Near me” if you fail to restore the iCloud content in the Google account.

Factors to Check Before Requesting iCloud to Transfer the Photos

It might seem easy to transfer the required photos from iCloud to Google Photos. But, Apple has set certain requirements for iOS users to proceed. You need to have an account in the iCloud service. Make sure to check whether you use iCloud or any other application to store the photos/videos. Additionally, it’s important to create a Google account with a legitimate email address and password.

Don’t forget to update both the iCloud and Google Photos before starting the data transfer process. Or else, you might get stuck in the photo uploading process. Never add or delete the content after starting the data transfer process; it might increase the uploading time. And, use a stable internet connection while sending data from one photo storage service to another.

Steps to Request Apple to Transfer iCloud Content to Google Photos

Apple revealed that an iOS user will be able to transfer more than 10,000+ photos from iCloud Library to Google Photos. And, you won’t lose any of this iCloud data while sending it to the Google account.

But, it will be a wise decision to restore the iCloud images or videos to another device. This will help you to retrieve those data which you will accidentally delete during the data transfer process. And, here is how to request Apple to move the iCloud media to Google Photos:

  • Start with moving to the Privacy website of Apple ( and provide the correct Apple ID.
  • Don’t forget to hit the “Enter” button to proceed to the next screen.
  • When the next screen appears, go for the “Transfer a copy of your data” option.
  • Then, choose the media files that you want to transfer in the Google photos.
  • Go through the prompted on-screen instructions when you will be directed to another screen.
  • Tap on the ‘Finish” button to complete the content transferring request to Apple.

Did you receive the option to enter the Google account-related details? Provide that, or else you won’t be able to start the media transferring process. Now, check whether you have received an email about this photo transfer request. If yes, then you have successfully made the request, and the iOS users will get another mail about whether the transfer will be completed.

But, if the iPhone users mistakenly cancel the transfer request, some of the selected photos might still get copied in the Google Photos. Do you want to check how much it will take to complete the transfer process? Or, how many photos have been transferred to the Google Account? Go to Apple’s Data and Privacy website and check the status of the media transfer request.

Unable to Find all the Selected iCloud Photos in Google Photos? Here’s Why

Apple has stated that some iOS users might face difficulties in finding all the transferred pictures in Google Photos. Because the iCloud media needs to be either in the original or industry-standard format. Or else, Google Photos might not be able to read the shared content.

Moreover, even after transferring the iCloud photos, you won’t be able to open it. So, make sure the iCloud photos are in the following format to avoid further interruption:

.MP4, .JPG, .TOD, .MTS, .WEBP, .M2TS, .MOD, .M2T, .PNG, .GIF, .MMV, .ASF, .MPG, .WMV, .MOV, .MKV, .AVI, .3GP, .DIVX, .M4V and RAW files.

Moreover, the iOS users can’t transfer the pictures that they have clicked two months back. Because you can only move the recently captured or edited iCloud photos to the Google account.

Do you know the best part about Apple’s new service? You can opt for transferring all the photo albums. But, Apple device users can’t send video albums in Google Photos. You have to go for selecting the essential video files separately from the albums during the transfer process.

Once the media transfer process gets accomplished, the photo albums or videos will be renamed as “copy of”. For instance, if you have moved an iCloud photo album named “Vacation 2020”, it will be replaced as “Copy of Vacation 2020”. And, the photo stream content or media that are shared in another folder might not be transferred to a Google account.

Is there any Limitation Regarding the Photo Transfer from iCloud to Google Account?

Yes! You can move more than 20,000 photos from the iCloud album to Google Photos. However, the additional photos might get transferred, but those can’t be further accessed. Even you will face hindrance while sending or uploading those additional photos with anyone.

But, if you are unable to transfer the media files, even after choosing the right format, contact an expert. With the assistance of the Apple service providers, move the required images from iCloud to Google Photos. But, before contacting them, make sure to install the latest version of iCloud and Google Photos.

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