10 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Your Business Website

Laravel - The Best PHP Framework. 10 Reasons to choose Laravel for your business website

Every company nowadays wants an easy and fast solution. But coming up with relevant solutions is not easy especially when it is related to mobile and web app development. But you’d be happy to know that PHP is one of the most suitable frameworks.

It is an open-source general scripting language used to build web applications. Among many other development frameworks, PHP can offer a basic structure for app development. The amazing speed, efficiency, responsiveness, and performance of this web development framework can amaze you. Website debugging, method simplifying, and decreasing workload are some of the core traits of the PHP framework.

Your specific business requirements play a vital role in an expedition to choose a web development framework. It would pique your interest to know that the Laravel framework has a better track record than most web development technology frameworks.

Why choose Laravel for PHP web development?

But before you hire any laravel developers in India, it is important to do a little research and know more about the framework. This will give you clarity about why choose Laravel over other frameworks. Laravel was launched in 2011 and gained much popularity in a very short period because of its advanced and unique features in comparison to other development frameworks. It has a short learning curve and is a powerful app development tool that also offers amazing logical documenting services.

The most eye-catching aspects of the Laravel that developers love so much are that it is a completely MVC-based, object-oriented, high performing, featured-rich framework with a clean and reusable code. This one sentence can only be called upon as the sole reason why you should choose Laravel over other web development frameworks. Laravel ensures that your web applications perform easily and effortlessly with a large amount of special inversion control containers, maintenance programs, communicative migration structure, and associated testing modules.

This was just a brief introduction to the benefits of Laravel development. Now, let us see the features of the Laravel in detail.

Features of Laravel application development framework

There are many benefits of this feature-packed development platform but the crucial ones stating popularity are mentioned down below. So now, let’s dive into the discussion for which you’ve landed on this blog in the first place.

1. MVC architecture

The workflow of web applications is supported by the MVC architecture. It is used to keep the presentation and business logic separated. The primary functions of the MVC architecture are to manage data, provide an acceptable interface, and take appropriate actions. This architecture also enables the PHP development company to manage their module files that are consistently divided in various logics but are integrated at a single place.

Along with good maintainability, MVC architecture can boost the performance of your application. This architecture gives you complete control over the selection of web application routes and also offers the chance to create them, if necessary, changes in any module or file effortlessly.

2. Modularity

Now, developers can keep everything separated in several logical areas of the Laravel with the help of its modular packaging system. It will not only make your code clean and arranged but you can also use the same code or rewrite it in the future. Laravel developers can use this modular structure approach while building application architecture by creating separate folders for every module so that they can be reused. These development services can save your time.

The modular packaging system can make your debugging task very easy. And it is also considered an ideal framework for high-end web development.

3. Built-in Libraries

You will be more than happy to know that Laravel is the only PHP framework that comes with pre-installed libraries because the entire development framework technology is object-oriented. The authentication library of Laravel is another feature-rich web platform that consists of Bcrypt hashing, CSRF protection, monitoring active users, and password reset functionalities.

4. The Blade Template Engine

Laravel is very well-known for its elegant, unique, and lightweight template design. It is mainly used for crafting sophisticated layouts. The Blade templating engine of the Laravel framework offers powerful and expressive syntax writing. Developers can use the PHP code in views with the help of the blade. They also use it to integrate one or more templates into the data models to produce resulting views.

To get the condition statements and loops as a group of the control structures, a development company needs to map internally to its PHP counterpart.

5. Multi-File Systems

Laravel services offer a key advantage to the developers to share the files from multiple locations because this web development framework is supported on Rackspace Cloud and Amazon S3. When a company or a developer is working on a high-end app development project, they need to run different modules which is a very complicated and stressful process.

To simplify the process, Laravel services provide a multi-file system. Thanks to its modularity, it doesn’t need any software to run extra modules. And it can also import as many files as you need for your project.

6. Eloquent Object Relational Mapping

Laravel offers faster ORM than any other web app development framework. Without any need for the SQL code, Laravel developers can get access to their database, create or edit it in a single language. Developers can also unravel the queries associated with elegant and expressive syntax writing very easily and effortlessly through a simple but active record implementation of ORM.

An eloquent ORM can establish a smooth integration between the developers and the database with their data model.

7. Artisan Tool

Elegant design and a powerful package of built-in tools have always been a center of attraction in Laravel services. Among such built-in tools, there is a tool called artisan that can run the unit test through the entire web architecture by rendering command-line utility. It can also manage configurations, assets, and info.

And by generating basic MVC files, the artisan can even formulate code, commands, and the structure of the database in an instant. Artisans can also make the development process automated by minimizing its repetitive tasks. Did I mention that artisan is also known as the heart of the Laravel framework?

8. Unit-testing

Unit-testing is conducted to detect and stop any style of regressions in the development framework. It is a test for every single unit of code where the feature test is for the larger part.

This feature can also commission tests on models and controllers too. The file of unit-testing for web applications is already provided in the development framework.

So, once you install it, you can easily follow the given instructions to run the unit test. It is so simple and easy that you just need to give the command and have to await the results while everything happens automatically. Developers can also configure the tests and their commands to be consistent with their specific requirements. If you are using an artisan test runner, it will keep you updated about the test and would stop automatically if it detects any kind of failure.

9. Security

The most important thing that developers are worried about is the safety and security of the software applications. They need to deploy some safety features in their web apps. But that is not the problem if you have chosen Laravel for web development. Because Laravel comes with built-in security features including an Authentication system, SQL injection, CSRF, and laravel security package.

The features of the authentication system facilitate each bit of retrieved data and method of each request made, while the Laravel developers build a structural database, models, and controllers. The Bcrypt hashing algorithm of the Laravel development framework enables the user to come up with a strongly encrypted password instead of some plain text password. The wastage of the database is also secured by the supporting feature of Laravel as it kicks in automatically to protect the database against any malicious XSS attacks.

To take care of any third-party security breaches, the Laravel framework makes use of CSRF tokens. It reduces the vulnerabilities of web applications. To secure the application against any future code attack, Laravel allows its users to make necessary changes in the code of their built-in security packages.

When a website is launched on the HTTP, some secure routes and certifications are set for it. You can convert that HTTP into HTTPS just to be on the safe side with a little guidance from Laravel developers. Of course, you can’t prepare for every threat out there. But one thing is a fact that Laravel is certainly the most secure and safe framework for your web applications than any other development technologies out there.

10. Secure Migration

Laravel developers can make necessary changes in layout and the code without rewriting it every time through a secure migration system. It can help you prevent data loss. This feature uses PHP code as it provides ease in commands over complex SQL codes used in other development frameworks. To line up a web application, developers can pick the useful information for it through database seeding.

So, what do you think?

Weren’t the above reasons surprisingly wonderful?

If so, then I’ve got some bonus left especially for you. We are gonna take a glance at several other Laravel features that facilitate app development.

Bonus Laravel features for app development

  • Dotenv:

    It is used to protect the application data with the help of login credentials and passwords.
  • PSR-4:

    This can be structured in any possible manner you want it to be when there is only one namespace available through composer in the app directory.
  • IOC Container:

    It is used to make everything injectable in the applications. It also offers flexibility to easily test or change the implementation.
  • Version Cycle:

    Laravel has a shorter version cycle. You can regain applications, fix the bugs, imply enhancements and install advanced features every six months.
  • Flysystem:

    It is a Laravel file management system that is connected with the cloud. The elixir package of Laravel offers a Node JS task manager which is beneficial for your app development.
  • Cashier:

    This Laravel feature is used to process discount periods, coupons, manage the subscription and generate invoices in PDF format.

Final Words

After reading this article, you might have got the idea by now that Laravel is a powerful, feature-rich, and versatile framework. As the Laravel community is growing, the development companies are also turning towards it to look for solutions to their complex business challenges.

I know you have come here to find an answer for “why choose Laravel over other web development frameworks to create your business website?

And here I conclude that you can use this technology framework to create scalable as well as custom software and web application development projects. You can also restructure your existing website without any complexities. The extension capabilities of this PHP framework are also useful.

Laravel has always been providing out-of-the-box solutions and functions which makes it more likely to be chosen as your development framework. Tell me which feature inspired you to choose Laravel?

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