How to Build Your Own App: Step by Step

Building an app is not just about coding. You can code an app that receives less than one hundred downloads in its entire life. Therefore, you have to find a gap in the market. Here is how to build your app:

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How to Build Your Own Mobile App: Step-by-Step Guide

1. Identify a Problem or an Idea

If you are looking to build your own app, you need to identify problems that you can solve with technology. Successful entrepreneurs solve issues in a manner that is unimaginable. All the products, services, and apps that you see on Google Play Store or Apple Apple Store were all made to solve an issue. Search for problems that people face on a daily basis and list all of them down. After getting an exhaustive list, start looking into resolving them before shortlisting the most sensible ones.

2. Identify the Need

Validation means that your app is in demand. You can verify your idea through the use of Google Keyword Planner instrument to search for the number of individuals searching for what you want to do. If there is a need for a better recruitment process, then a human resource information software that meets this need would be in high demand. You can also create a landing page that shows your app idea and seeks the interest of the user via an email signup.

3. Layout the Features and Flow

This involves detailing your product on a document or a wireframe tool. During this process, be sure to be very detailed. Include the flow concerning the navigation of the app by the user together with the features envisioned. It will aid you or your developer to comprehend the expectations.

4. Eradicate Secondary Features

From the features and flow document that has been prepared, begin searching closely for features that should be removed. Remain with only the primary value of the app idea. The first version should not include features that are not primary, which can always be updated later. This will reduce the startup expenses and aid you to reach the market faster.

5. Consider Design First

Many business people look for a basic design when they are looking to create the app. This is why they fail because the design is more than the appearance of the app. It is also about the user experience. Hence, it is best to work with a developer who puts graphics and user experience first.

6. Code/Hire a Developer

If you can code, this is the stage to create your app. If you can’t, hire a development firm that has a talent for great design. When hiring them, go online to check the apps they have designed and their credibility as well. If their portfolio is appealing to you, they will probably suit your needs.

7. Create Developer Accounts

For you to sell your app on app stores, you will need to sign up for a developer’s account with Google and Apple. While Apple charges $99 per year, Google charges $25 annually. You can register as a company or as an individual.

8. Integrate Analytics

Analytics aid you in tracking downloads, and retention, and user engagement for your app. Numerous analytic apps can be both free and paid. These include Localytics and Flurry.

9. Get Immediate Feedback and Improvise

Immediately your app can be downloaded on the app store, the behavior and usage of your initial clients will offer you insight into improving and enhancing your app. Changes and enhancement are constant, and so it is essential to be keen on customer feedback and maintain adjustments.

10. Introduce More Features

You created the initial version with only the primary features. Now you can look into and incorporate additional specifications that were not part of the original version of the app. Feedback and analytics will help you in determining the relevance of these features.


From identifying an idea to app development, these ten steps will ensure that you don’t just build an app, but you also build a business.

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