How to Stand Out on Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Social media has become a wonderful platform to engage as well as interact with a variety of people. It can also be called a mini world where different ethnicities reside and that too closely.

Since the rise of the internet things have changed and what else changed along was the way we market.

Social Media

Marketing has been the key source to generate revenue for the organization and since its shift, a lot has changed as well as listing down a few examples.

  • The newspaper became a blog.
  • The photo album became Instagram.
  • The gossip entertainment news became Twitter.

Such was the change the Internet brought along with the revolution. Now you must be confused as to how to make yourself look different and grow in this jungle of competition right?

Worry no more I will guide you and suggest easy and appropriate ways to excel in the desired field and grow independently.

Top ways to stand out differently:

1). Be Genuine.

The number one quality that will help you excel ahead in not only this digital field but in life as well is the quality of being humble and genuine.

Now let me illustrate further what being genuine means. Being genuine is a quality of always standing out differently and uniquely no matter how the situation reacts. It puts a tag over your head that the person is trustworthy and should be heard.

These days you might see a lot of people trying hard to stand out of the crowd by showing their different sides but the quality of being real lets you bring that charisma forth and attracts success like a magnet. This you do by helping and serving people without any favor and with good blessings in mind.

This quality alone will help you to come above a lot of people as you will be moving ahead with a helpful attitude.

2). Be Optimistic.

Whenever you will start your journey make sure that you have a clear goal and whatever hardships you might face you never will have a pessimistic approach.

Take any business and I must tell you that it requires two main ingredients. The first being an idea and the second being an optimistic approach. It could create a lot of difference in your entrepreneurial journey and will also add uniqueness to your personality.

In this era of vast competition, an optimistic approach will help you to make it through this competition and stand tall at the end.

3). Be Consistent.

Success is a long road you might have heard this saying and this line truly justifies the statement as well.

Make sure when you start this beautiful journey you keep taking baby steps towards your goal.

Swami Vivekananda once said, “Arise, awake, and stop not till the goal is reached”. This saying by swami Vivekananda truly justifies the meaning itself that no matter what happens make sure you keep walking ahead and rise and come out as a different person at the end.

These are the three psychological must that you have to work upon and the below mentioned are the further qualities that will upskill and enhance you greatly.

4). Use Video Content.

These days as the clock has started to tick so fast similarly the viewers are also interested in gaining much of the information in less time. This has paved a new way to develop and share content in an audio-video format. The increasing trend suggests that with the rise in visual demand people are preferring to get more suitable with the videos.

Now let me share some strategies as to how you can stand out using these techniques. Add trust, knowledge, and solution to your videos and source them to all the major platforms possible.

It will help you get a better grip over what the audience likes and trying these methods will bring more and more traffic to your pages.

5). Connecting Wisely.

One of the key areas every entrepreneur has to work upon is the area of connections where he/she has to network wisely and try to add people keeping the long goal in his head.

“A man is known by the company he keeps” keeping this decorated saying in heart and trying to maximize the opportunities you get to motivate people to be a part of you or to learn from you should always be your priority. It will not only give you direction but also will help you to grow in a much better way and a much better environment.

You can use platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook, etc. to connect with people and be more likable.

Connecting on Social Media

6). Targeting Your Audience.

One of the most priority setting areas where key thinking skills have to be applied is this area. I want to emphasize that this decision is the key decision that can and will decide the journey of your career ahead.

Give proper time and try to work on an audience by providing them with the relevant content that they require. Audience sourcing becomes a multiplying factor in the long term if done correctly.

Some questions that you can ask your audience are:

  • What are their hobbies?
  • What are their likes and dislikes?
  • What type of content do they like?
  • What age group do they fall into?
  • What are the solutions that you can provide to their problems?

Interacting with your audience this way will not only give you better insights but will also give you a chance to retrospect and strategize accordingly.

7). Providing Better Offers.

The key to staying in touch with the audience is by connecting them with the new special offers that you could provide. It will keep your audience engaged and also will help you to deliver more products at a better rate.

It can be done through marketing and campaigning the agenda wisely so that the majority can benefit from your services.

The key to growth is to reach out to the maximum number of people as it will help them to find a solution to their relevant problem and will work to your advantage.

Business network, Reach out to the maximum number of people.

8). Social Media Marketing.

Marketing through social media works great as the chances of you reaching out to the majority of people is maximized to a far large extent.

It is one of the great ways to enhance your skills and update yourself with new technologies. It helps you to generate more traffic and also gives you more opportunities to succeed.

The new-age trend of marketing not only adds revenue to our advantage but also is a great method to get better at various sources and stream up the revenue chart.

Following factors come under social media marketing to generate organic traffic & leads.

Content- Right content with well-distributed language for the right set of audiences. It adds value and delivers fruitful results by serving the audience with the right amount of data that they want.

Context- The topic in which you want to deliver your service should be mentioned as well so that it could precisely guide the audience hence saving their time and adding bonus points of goodwill to your account.

Hashtags- With the growing variety of interests a new trend culture that is the social media hashtag has also evolved which helps in categorizing the content as well as target the right set of audiences.

Shares- Just as the saying goes sharing is caring similarly more shares mean more reach and better publicity which helps in branding as well.

Engagement- The most crucial ingredient to develop a better connection between audiences is the responsible action to stay engaged and try to deliver more than what the audience demands.

White Hat SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

9). SEO Services.

SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a great process to optimize a web page to get the best returns. It helps a web page or content to rank better and is also a tool that could maximize the chances of you reaching out to the maximum number of people.

It has a variety of tools and works in an all-rounder format by utilizing and optimizing content in the best way possible.

There are various platforms as well which provide you support to rank higher and you could always rely on such sources as well. SEO works in a way that helps rank your website to a better position by optimizing your webpages and regulating your content.

With a variety of tools, it adds organic traffic to your website and constantly matches the evolving demands of the new generation.

3.6 billion searches are made every single day on Google Chrome only, and many other platforms have existing demands and it adds to a great sum which ultimately proves the efficiency of this tool as it provides you with a reason to become better at various opportunistic fields that require right allocation of data and also are a great way to problem-solving capability.

Affordable SEO services gives you great chances to grow your business and stand apart from the crowd by maximizing your potential by creating better result-oriented strategies which when implemented carefully provide great results.

10). Web Development.

A great way to upgrade and structure resources in the best way possible by developing a better interface is always a better idea when it comes to outshining your competitors. Making fancy web pages that look interactive, adding support features in it at the end gives you a better edge over your competitors.

Now since we have talked a lot about what we have to keep in the head while excelling in this field. We also have to keep a few things in mind while trying to become better at staying away from the mentioned points that can seriously leave a bad impact on the audience.

The reason being that to look different you need to follow the above-mentioned guidelines and if you stay ordinary or hustle without keeping a goal in mind that will surely put you into more trouble and you will not be able to grow at the desired rate.

Well if you are running a business or want to stand apart from the crowd one thing that you must do is to take the help of a web development service as it not only helps you grow but also makes you appear more professional.

Web Development- PHP, .NET, ASP, Perl, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, Python

First Impression is everything and as you add colors to your website by using a variety of flavors that these services provide it certainly gives you a better edge against your competitors.

So much has changed after this lockdown and as the businesses have started to shift digital it has created a great demand for web development services as everyone wants to maximize their chances.

Multiple features are provided by the companies which are into web development services and they vary accordingly but the must thing is to use these features and make an impact in the best way possible.

Let me list down the languages which are used for programming.

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • C++

These languages add a great flair to the site and are also responsible for better maintenance and scalability of your website.

The next step you should take is to use this to your advantage by making sure that you adapt as well as use the mentioned services to upscale your business.

11). Share a Story That Your Client Relates to.

Many businesses come and go but what matters, in the long run, is how effectively they scale as well as market their product and what strategy they use to convert their business more profitably.

Now the most important factor that can help you stand differently is the art of sharing your story to the audience as effectively as you can so that it can make an impact and add meaning to your product.

12). Sell Yourself.

Make sure whatever you do you give your best at it while keeping one thing in your mind that people love to buy stories more than the product for instance every successful entrepreneur had a story behind his company or venture.

Let’s take the example of Amazon whose CEO started selling books and he had a vision of standing out differently by taking his business online and that too at an international level and that helped him to reach more and more people.

13). Work on Critical Feedback.

You might wonder what is that one quality that can make you stand different from the crowd and give you better opportunities and key areas where you can succeed easily is by working on your weak areas by analyzing as well as accepting the criticism that your audience might give you sometimes.

You should make an interface where you could connect with your audience directly and work upon themselves as it will give you more understanding about your product and with its help you can strategize ahead.

All the major entrepreneurs repeatedly focus on this theme of making yourself better by analyzing yourself and looking at yourself in a very neutral way and by neutral I mean taking yourself less seriously and giving more energy and time in making new and better ways to reach out to the maximum of people.

You might find uneasy at first and will get confused on how to react towards the people who are not appreciating you and throwing negative things at you but developing that sense which definitely will take some time and I assure you that the moment you start to be that change and accept everything it will become easy for you to become better as an entrepreneur.

14). Read Books.

Reading books can drastically change your life in a way that you cannot even imagine as it will give you fresh ideas to work upon. Also, it will make you more intellectually sound. Being in this enterprise world you will find fierce cutting edge competition and each time you will have to prove yourself and make better decisions and you will only be able to do it by upgrading yourself by reading the right books.

Reading books is an integral part of your journey as it will not only shape you in a better way but also motivate you to excel ahead by reaching your optimum potential.

Some books I must suggest that could help you are

Make sure you give these books a try and also try to work out the suggestions mentioned in these books.

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15). Make a Pitch.

The most integral yet challenging part of any entrepreneurship project is the sales pitch that will help you generate more revenue and ultimately give your business an edge against other competitors as well. I believe an entrepreneur who wants to do something different should focus on this part and try to brush up and get a better line.

I would suggest to keep trying and try to reach a stage where you can bet the most impressive line that could make the audience fall in love with you.

Above mentioned strategies are a free takeaway as well that should be read and optimized carefully so that you could create the digital life that you dream of.


I believe you must have learnt a lot of theoretical knowledge after going through the above-mentioned points.

Now to succeed what you have to do is to work hard on your SEO skills and try to get hands-on experience at all the mentioned points and soon you will come out as a successful entrepreneur.

Shiv Gupta

Author Bio: Shiv Gupta started his journey in the digital marketing world at the age of 17. He grabbed deep knowledge of the industry and earned multiple awards. Incrementors was founded by him to provide the best marketing solution to struggling businesses with a goal to help them achieve higher sales and conversions. Incrementors don’t give fluff or “high-level” advice. They just give an insanely actionable plan that works.

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