5 Tips for Cleaning Your Monitor That Make It Look Fresh!

Tips for Cleaning Your Monitor

As you are here, you are just like me, who hates seeing their computer monitor unclear!

Dirty monitors don’t just look messy but may not be suitable for your eyes as that may cause eyestrain. Also, it’s essential to have a clean display for better productivity.

So, it’s necessary to make sure that your monitor is always neat and clean from any kind of dirt and debris!

Don’t be concerned and hurry about finding tips on cleaning your monitor, because-

By reading until the end, you will learn:

  1. Equipment you need to clean your monitor.
  2. Step-by-step guide to cleaning your computer monitor.
  3. A handful of tips for the monitor cleaning process.

So, let’s get started.

Before You Begin, Equipped With The Necessary Tools

You shouldn’t use anything and everything to clean your PC’s monitor. You must first ensure that the tools are safe for the display.


Many people would skip this crucial step and clean their monitor with whatever they find nearby. It would be terrible if you spoil your monitor with an intend to clean your monitor with unsuitable cleaning accessories.

No worries, here are the safe accessories to use:

  1. Water
  2. Microfiber cloths
  3. Cleaner. (Don’t get vinegar or acetone mixed one)

Don’t use:

  1. Windex (Contains ammonia which may damage LCD screens)
  2. Rags
  3. Alcohol
  4. General cleaning product
  5. Eyeglass cleaning solution.

What if you don’t have any accessories and want to clean computer monitors using household products?

Yes, you can do so, but you must make sure that the household products you’re going to use are safe.

Here is a list of safe household products that you can make use of for cleaning computer monitors.

  1. Microfiber cloth
  2. Distilled water
  3. DIY cleaning Mix (50% vinegar + 50% distilled water) Or Simply 1 cup of white vinegar + 1 cup distilled water.

So, with just household products and a lint-free cloth, you can clean your monitor using this mix.

Clean Your PC’s Monitor Following These 3 Steps

Right at this moment, when you’re thinking about how to clean your PC monitor, the first thing to check is the display of your PC.

You should know what the type of your PC’s monitor is. As most of the computer’s monitor is LCD, I’d mostly cover about it. But, the principle is more or less the same. This is still the best guide for your PC monitor.

Here are three steps I follow in cleaning my monitor that looks like new:

1. Start with turning off your computer


Turning your PC off will make the display dark, which will help us identify smudges and dust spots.

Turning off your monitor will also ensure its safety from any kind of damage.

You could potentially damage your screen or get an unpleasant electric shock if you clean while the screen is on and the pixels are all fired up.

2. Take a cloth and wipe out your monitor

You can do this in two ways.

First, try to dry wipe your monitors. If that’s not applicable, then try a wet wipe.

How to dry wipe your computer monitor?

Grab a soft, lint-free cloth and gently brush up your monitor. A dry wipe will dust off your monitor.

Even dry wiping can also clean some light smudges.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be using here these-

  1. Paper towels
  2. Tissue paper
  3. Toilet paper or an old rag.

If dust is the only thing on display, then dry wiping is well enough.

These things can leave scratches or grooves on the screen. So, remember and beware of that.

How to wet wipe your computer monitor?

  1. Get a piece of lint-free cloth and distilled water.
  2. Dampen the cloth properly with water.
  3. Gently touch the screen and wipe it out.
  4. Don’t push the screen hard.
  5. Rinse and repeat the process.
  6. This will obliterate the dirt and dust. Hopefully, this process would also help clean out the smudges.

While wet wiping, be aware that you’re not dampening the cloth. Wiping with a damp cloth will spill water on the monitor, creating havoc on the display.

3. Let the monitor dry

Now that you have wet wiped your monitor, it’s time to let it dry. Keep your monitor in a hot place until it gets dried completely, and only after then turn on your PC or laptop.

5 Tips For Cleaning Your Monitor

  1. Never use anything and everything for cleaning your computer monitors.
    Cheap and harmful cleaning chemicals most likely harm than good. Stay away from them.

  2. Never directly wet the screen.
    Do not spray directly on the screen. Spraying directly on the screen is disastrous. Never do that.

  3. Never scrub your screen.
    Never scrub the display. Monitors are delicate, and so is fragile. If you scrub the screen with a soaked cloth, you might break the monitor.

  4. Don’t push too hard.
    While cleaning your monitor, don’t push it too hard, as that may damage your display.

  5. Never use alcohol or ammonia-based cleaning fluid on your screen.
    Anti-glare coating is sensitive to alcohol. So, applying alcohol to anti-glare coating screen damage.

Using distilled water and a clean, lint-free cloth is the safest bet.

Final Thoughts

So, that was all about the tips for cleaning monitors.

Throughout this post, I tried to explain how to clean your desktop or laptop’s monitor, what tools are required to do this.

I also have given you five tips for cleaning your monitor. Not only that but also shared what to avoid and which tools not to use in the process.

I tried to show you the best ways to clean your monitor, yet if it leaves any questions on your mind, use the comment box below; I answer all the questions of my readers!

To conclude, I’d like to remind you again that your goal is to clean your monitor not to damage them, so always refrain from using alcohol and harmful chemicals.

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