Driver Booster 9: Update 8 Million Windows Drivers and Fix Common Driver Errors

Does your Windows computer often crash or it has a low-resolution, no speaker sound, the printer doesn’t work problems? Missing and outdated drivers are the most common causes. Driver Booster 9 can solve all the driver problems and let all your hardware devices run at the best performance.

Driver Booster 9: Scan to check the status of drivers!

Driver Booster 9 is an all-around driver updater software for Windows to scan, update and install all the drivers and save your time to search and check for the driver update one by one. Besides, it provides free driver tools to check and fix driver problems, including sound, microphone, Internet connection and other external devices problems.

Driver Booster 9 key features

The key feature of Driver Booster 9 is to help users update and manage the driver software for their Windows computers and components. You can use this software to update outdated drivers and fix the missing and faulty drivers. Driver Booster 9 allows you to download drivers and update them online and offline. It’s convenient when you have re-installed the Windows or you encountered network driver problems that you only need to download the drivers beforehand on a PC.

Driver Booster 9 free version already provides all the driver solutions for tech beginners. It provides a huge database of 6 million drivers and all drivers are from the driver publisher and are WHQL certified. What’s more, the developer keeps updating the database so the driver data is increasing day by day. It makes sure the drivers you installed can work normally and don’t cause problems to your Windows PC. Driver Booster 9 can scan all your computer drivers very quickly in only 10 to 20 seconds to find outdated drivers and let you download and install one or all drivers in bulk in a click.

The professional version charges $19.95 for 1 year/3PCs subscription. It includes all the features of the free plan and some advanced features, including an 8 million driver database, auto backup and restores the drivers feature, fixing 35+ driver error codes, offline driver update, and 24/7 technical support, and so on.

For PC game players, Game Boost is another convenient feature. It one-click releases RAM by stopping unnecessary background processes and apps to improve the gaming performance. It can also scan and update the PhysX, OpenAL and DirectX game components.

Update drivers using Driver Booster 9

How to use Driver Booster 9 to update drivers

Step 1: Download the latest program from the IObit website, install it in seconds and double-click to launch it.

Step 2: Click the big Scan button in the main UI to run a computer drivers scan, it finishes in seconds and shows the outdated drivers list. Check the driver’s current version number and new version number to decide if you want to update it. Click one or more drivers in a bulk to update.

Step 3: Driver Booster 9 will automatically download the new driver pack and install it. You will see the outdated driver is updated and displayed in the Up-to-Date list. There are more options in the Update button that you can see the driver details, roll back to the old version, or just ignore the driver.

Step 4: Click Settings to choose if you scan the stable or newest drivers first, if you scan for game drivers, how many driver versions you need to backup, and if it auto backs up the drivers before the install. ( Pro version).


Driver Booster 9 is a free and easy-to-use driver updater for Windows to scan, download and install 6 million WHQL certified drivers. You can use it to fix no sound, low resolution, no Internet, etc common driver problems, too easily.

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