Why Drag Clicking Is A Part of Gaming?

Why Drag Clicking is Part of Gaming?

For gamers, clicking is very familiar. Whether it’s on a mouse or keyboard, clicking has become an integral part of gaming and usual technological aspects. It can be understandable if one thinks that this is just because keyboards are wired to buttons, but the same thing applies to controllers for consoles. What exactly is clicking then? Simply put, “clicking” is an act of pressing a button(s) until the desired response from it is achieved. In click gaming, clicking refers to landing hits with your gun or sword as well as getting that perfect headshot on your opponent.

What is Drag Clicking?

What is Drag Clicking (and how to do it)

Drag clicking is the same as clicking, except that it is done by dragging your mouse cursor to a certain direction or point. Because of its nature, it can be more efficient than normal clicking. It is good to learn drag clicking for gaming. Dragging the cursor is normally used when aiming for distant targets either with your gun or bow in an FPS game.

The Benefits of Drag Clicking

Aside from being more effective when making long-range attacks, you can get more benefits with Drag Clicking. Here are some of them:

  • Efficient in aiming for distant targets
  • Faster in changing your target than normal clicking
  • Increased movement speed while acting
  • Less risky than clicking on moving targets
  • You save time since it is faster than normal clicking

For gamers, aiming at targets is something that they would normally do. The most effective way of doing this is by Drag Clicking. It can be more efficient in terms of accuracy and time than regular clicking. Since you are already familiar with the controls of your game, there isn’t anything new when you want to learn how to Drag Click. You just need to know that whatever action you use for clicking will be performed via dragging with your mouse cursor instead.

Hence, if you are playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which uses the left-click button for shooting aimlessly (known as spraying), all you need to do is drag your mouse cursor in a specific direction until the desired action is achieved.

Drag Clicking for Faster Object Manipulation

Drag Clicking

Another benefit of Drag Clicking is that you can easily manipulate objects with it. Here’s an example: you want to pick up a gun and ammo from the ground and put them in your backpack. Instead of placing your crosshair on top of the gun, then clicking repeatedly until the object gets into your inventory, all you have to do is drag and drop (by clicking) the item to the desired container where you want to store them (e.g. backpack). This would be easier than when using normal clicking because dragging gives you more time to think about what items should go where when performing this task, especially if you’re under fire.

Though Drag Clicking is considered a little bit hard to master, once you get used to it, you will know that it makes your gaming experience even better and more efficient than before. The same applies to players who use controllers instead of clicking via the left analogue stick for targeting purposes. The same rule can also be applied when using flight sticks for flying around in space or any other game with this feature, such as Elite: Dangerous. I hope this article got you interested in learning how to Drag Click so that you could become an expert just like me! Have fun gaming, and keep on clickin’!

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