6 Smart Home Gadgets You Should Purchase in 2022

The internet connection is not only limited to computers and smartphones anymore, but also brings security cameras, smart speakers, and many devices under the same roof. You can connect these smart devices to the internet and regulate them through their dedicated apps. Smart devices are turning ordinary homes into smart homes.

However, converting your home into a smart home in just one go can be a little hectic. Not to mention, it will be extremely expensive. On the other hand, the entire transition can be a little difficult to adjust to.

It’s better to start off your smart home journey with a few smart gadgets. Only then you can decide whether you want to shift to a complete smart home or not.

Apart from buying smart home gadgets for yourself, you can gift them to your tech-savvy friends or family members. When they are already in tech, choices won’t confuse you. When you are buying smart gadgets for the home, decide which voice assistance you would like to go for. Be it Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa, or Google Assistant, smart devices should be compatible.

This will make it easier to pick the right smart gadgets for your home, and they will be compatible with your favourite voice assistant. Here are our smart home gadgets recommendations for 2022.

Smart Home Gadgets Recommendations for 2022

1. Arlo Pro 4

Smart security cameras will be a great addition to your home safety, reminded CCTV repair professionals. That’s why we think that Arlo Pro 4 will enhance your outdoor security. Whether you are worried about front-yard security or backyard safety, Arlo Pro 4 will take care of everything.

It comes with a 2K resolution power and a field view of 160-degree. More interestingly, it has both input and output mics for two-way communication.

Arlo Pro 4 poses a great threat to burglars with built-in sirens and spotlights. If it detects anything suspicious, it will alert you in no time through notifications as well.

Moreover, Arlo Pro 4 can distinguish animals, people, and vehicles, with the help of motion zones. It’s an affordable deal compared to other top-notch and similar outdoor security cameras. Overall, the subscription cost is also under everyone’s budget.

2. Amazon Echo

Alexa has become one of the leading voice assistants around the globe, and that too for valid reasons. Who wouldn’t love a voice assistant filled with so many features, prompt communication, and scheduling facilities?

Amazon Echo is an IoT device, and you can easily connect to your home network. Additionally, you can sync it with other IoT devices such as security cameras, smart bulbs, ACs, etc. Thus, you can control the functions of those smart devices through Amazon Echo.

On the other hand, Amazon Echo is a powerful speaker, and you can ask Alexa to play songs. Well, there’s more you can ask Alexa to do. Alexa can play news, remind you of your schedule, tell you a joke, and you need not press a switch.

Simply say, ‘Alexa’ followed by your voice command, and it will perform its task. You can get the latest 4th Generation Amazon Echo from Amazon and play with it at an affordable price.

3. Amazon Echo Show 8

If you are a fan of a smart display, we think you should look at Amazon Echo Show 8. This smart gadget comes with a brighter and more visible display quality and premium audio quality.

Amazon Echo Show 8 will be a plus gadget for those who have already relied on Amazon Echo or Alexa-based products. If you are a member of the Alexa ecosystem, this display will definitely suit your smart display requirements.

The second-generation lineup of the Amazon Echo Show was launched in 2021. A few features have been added and modified if you compare the two generations of the Amazon Echo Show displays. Amazon Echo Show 8 comes with a physical shutter over the camera. You can slide the shutter over the camera and maintain your privacy.

4. Google Nest WiFi

Any of your smart devices will no longer be functional if your home Wi-Fi keeps dropping out. That’s why it’s important to secure your home’s Wi-Fi connection beforehand. When relying upon smart security cameras, smart speakers, smart lights, or anything else, you should make sure that the internet connection remains intact.

Thus, we recommend a mesh Wi-Fi system for your home. Google Nest WiFi has the right potential to become a part of your home network.

Google Nest WiFi supports the latest Wi-Fi standards, that is, WiFi 6, and it can deliver you a speed of 500Mbps. If your home is comparatively bigger, a single router won’t fulfil your network requirements.

Hence, you should turn around at Google Nest WiFi. The starter pack of Google Nest WiFi comes with two routers. They can cover an area of 5800 square feet, and that’s too much for a smart home. You can go for Google-powered smart speakers to make communication easy with Google Nest WiFi.

5. Wyze Bulb

Go for a smart bulb from Wyze. When you are taking a step towards a smart home, the presence of a smart bulb will illuminate your home’s nook and corner. You can command your home’s voice assistant to turn on, turn off, and change the brightness and colour with a single command. Additionally, there’s no hustle with smart bulb management.

You can simply plug and turn it on. Next, you can install the Wyze mobile app and pair the light bulb with the device and the home Wi-Fi. The smart bulb from Wyze offers great lighting.

There are scalable white settings, and it can deliver output in the range between 2700K and 6000K. The price tag of Wyze Bulb is impressive and reasonable.

6. Arlo Video Doorbell

If you think that an outdoor security camera is overpriced, consider a video doorbell. Arlo Video Doorbell is a pocket-friendly security investment for your home. You can simply snap it on your door and get clear images of who is at your door. The video doorbell from Arlo comes with a 180-degree angle and an aspect ratio of 1:1.

Whether it’s delivery personnel, guests, left parcels, or anybody else, you can keep a security check at your door. Additionally, it comes with a built-in siren, and it can alert you accordingly. You can get a very reasonable subscription from Arlo Smart. This facilitates advanced motion alerts, a 30-day cloud storage facility, and much more.

What Else Smart Gadgets are Essential for?

The transition from a simple home to a smart home is not easy. It takes time and resources to adopt them. Apart from smart security cameras, smart speakers, routers, and bulbs, there are more smart options that you can switch to. You can buy a DIY home security system from Ring Alarm Pro. This is a full package of security components for your home.

On the other hand, you can get a robot vacuum and a cleaning buddy at your command. The Xiaomi Vacuum Robot can make things easier for you. In case you want unlimited entertainment, then Fire TV Stick 4K along with Alexa support will be perfect for you.

There are billions of choices when it comes to smart home gadgets nowadays. Go through their tech specs before you make any commitment.

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