Top 5 Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Companies

Top 5 Most Innovative Real Estate Marketing Companies

Doubtlessly, the real estate industry is becoming increasingly competitive. In addition, it’s become hard to please modern clients when it comes to real estate services. To have a competitive advantage in the business, it would help to adopt new marketing techniques.

The good news is that several companies have implemented the marketing tactics and thus can be used as a guide. Here is a collection of the most innovative marketing companies in real estate.

Revamped Real Estate

This is the first selection as it allows brokers and real estate agents to stand out in the industry by using YouTube. This is made possible using the blue ocean theory. This helps agents pursue differentiation and low cost to get new market space and create new demand.

A remarkable aspect of revamped real estate is it’s open for agents and brokers of any experience and annual income.

Revamped real estate’s primary focus is to cater to those that want to stand out in the industry and dominate their market. This will happen even when setting new standards for effective marketing and income.


The benefit of revamped real estate is agents and brokers can tilt the sales process in their favor. This is by changing the dynamic by only talking to people that have requested a quote from them.

Additionally, every broker and agent is allowed to access the platform, no matter the expertise or annual earnings. This is an excellent start if you’re thinking of venturing into the real estate industry.

Land Voice

This marketing company simplifies agents’ business by utilizing innovative software solutions. One of the most important products of land voice is SiteSell. This is an effective website creation tool that allows agents to develop great websites for their businesses.

Even when an agent does not have the technical know-how, they can still be able to create a beautiful presence. In addition, the company has an online listing management tool.

It allows brokers and real estate agents to directly upload listings from MLS to their websites. This is a process that can be done in a few minutes.

Pros and Cons

An outstanding benefit of land voice to brokers and agents is its money-saving. Because of the online listing management tool, they don’t have to hire listing aggregators. What’s more, the solution is user-friendly, and thus agents can have an easy time handling it.

The downside, however, is that land voice has a monthly subscription. As a result, some brokers will opt for a service that allows them access to MLS without worrying about additional costs.

Bold Leads

Bold leads are primarily lead generators. It is best for a real estate agent that is not conversant with online marketing. Therefore, an agent can create a Facebook-focused digital marketing campaign with bold leads. Notably, there are three versions that one can choose from.

The first is lite. This is the best version if you are starting in the industry. Lite provides leads, ad management, CRM, and email marketing. Professional is the second version. This is an advanced marketing solution your business can benefit from. This version provides automated text responses.

The final version of bold leads is advanced. This option can offer all that is in the lite and professional versions. In addition, there are market reports and an IDX website. This is undeniably the best option to get a market and website analysis.

Pros and Cons

What’s certain is that bold leads can guarantee agents more leads. Other benefits of using the platform include the ability to customize the marketing campaign. This encompasses the ad reach and budget.

Another advantage is that the agent will work with a CRM tool already customized to the real estate market. This will ensure that they offer the best customer service and monitor all the reports effectively.

On the other hand, bold leads almost use Facebook as their lead source. When the social media platform is a great avenue, other channels are also effective. Another disadvantage of bold leads is it’s expensive. The cost for the program is $269 per month, and there are additional costs for either buyer or seller leads.

Wise Agent

The wise agent is a cloud-based CRM solution. The software helps agents and businesses automate the management of sales activities which include appointments, transactions, leads, and appointments. It’s also made it easier for the user as the concept allows them to classify data by source.

One valuable feature that the company has is the ability of the agents to sell homes in a short time.

Pros and Cons

One significant benefit of a wise agent is customer relationship management. It helps organizations oversee and monitor data on current and potential clients. Additionally, it helps record business interactions and relationships.

With this, agents can save time and increase their revenue by automating all their operations. An additional pro of wise agent is their easy scheduling. Real estate agents can plan their activities using the robust day planner.

What’s outstanding about the day planner is that it can link appointments with vendors and contacts. What is more, it sends emails and texts to vendors to inform them of the pending meetings.

However, a disadvantage of the wise agent is that it has many functions and features. As a result, some agents might find it hard to operate.

Wise Pelican

Wise Pelican is one of the newest companies on the list. However, it has quickly gained traction in the real estate industry. The company provides great estate agents and brokers with postcard services to use while they improve their businesses.

One of the wise pelican features is the comprehensive mail list that allows you to target homeowners in an area of interest. The next is the easy-to-edit templates which can be edited and sent in at least 30 minutes.

Notably, the wise pelican has been duly informing real estate agents of the new marketing campaigns that they can maximize. The unique marketing proceeds of the company have seen the success of many agents in the industry.


The first benefit of the wise pelican is the ease that real estate agents and brokers have in sending the postcards. The platform has numerous postcard options that allow you to customize to a good design. The postcards will also give you listings of your preferred location.

In addition, using the postcards, you can share information about your upcoming projects and listings. Another merit of the wise pelican is its integrated tracking for mail campaigns. This implies that you can follow your postcards.

The USPS system also ensures that you are notified once the postcards have been delivered. This allows you to know the response of your leads. This ideal feature will help you understand what’s lacking in your business and know what to improve on.

The final benefit of using wise pelican is its budget-friendly. To start with, opening an account is free. While you are logged in, you can view all the listings without pay. It’s worth noting that there is an enterprise price for those that mail more or in bulk.

In a nutshell, as stated above, the real estate industry is very competitive; as a result, it can be overwhelming to decide on the marketing services to go for. Bear in mind that using new innovative ways might be costly.

However, the good news is that the results yielded in the long run are beneficial to your business. Learning more about the different marketing practices is key to making the proper selection.


Real estate is a fast-paced industry with constantly changing trends. To stay competitive in today’s market, it’s critical to stay updated with the latest trends. The most successful real estate firms are those that are ahead of the curve and can take advantage of new technologies.

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