How to Choose the Right WordPress Development Company in 2022?

How To Choose The Right WordPress Development Company In 2022?

Whether you want to develop a custom website or need help with plugin or theme development, you can bank on a WordPress development company. Indeed, having expertise in the domain, such a company can provide tailored services to meet your exact needs. Moreover, with so many WordPress development companies out there, it becomes a true challenge to select the best one.

So how would you find the best-suited tech partner for your project specifically?

Here we will discuss this question while providing easy ways to search for the best custom WordPress development company that can deliver the expected results. The tips and tactics this blog brings to you can help you find and select the right company to help you in your WordPress development project.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the discussion!

Tips and Tactics to Choose a WordPress Development Company

Check relevant expertise

The first thing you need to check is the relevant expertise of the company you wish to hire for your project. Suppose you require a business brochure website, then you may not need expertise beyond general WordPress development. However, if your requirement is for a highly customized website, then you need to hire WordPress developers expert to accomplish it. For instance, if you need to develop a membership website, you have to look for a WordPress web development company that has experience creating such websites.

You can visit a company’s website and browse their services to check their expertise in WordPress development. Based on the level of knowledge a company has, they can build a custom theme and plugin and integrate features as per your unique requirements.

Check out their portfolio

Glancing upon the past work of a WordPress development company can help you decide whether they fit your needs or not. Hence, you should visit the company’s website and browse their portfolios to check what type of projects they have completed in the past. It can help you get an insight into their deliverables and let you know if they have experience in completing a project similar to yours.

So, you should visit a company’s website to search for the best fit for your WordPress web development project. Besides general information like the type of projects they worked on, you can also get in-depth details on their work style, credibility, and knowledge.

Go through reviews

Another key aspect that reveals crucial details about a company’s credibility is the reviews and testimonials of their previous clients. Indeed, you cannot ignore the significance of reviews and testimonials, as this past client feedback can help in finding the right WordPress web development company. Moreover, you can check reviews and ratings on prominent platforms like Clutch and GoodFirms. Good reviews and ratings could be an indication that the company you are considering hiring for your project can be a good fit for you.

Look for their work style

This might seem to be a trivial aspect, but the work style or approach a WordPress development company follows has a significant impact on your project’s success. While there are many methodologies and work approaches for web development like waterfall, agile, and scrum, agile has become a popular choice. You can select a WordPress website development company that works on an agile development approach. Besides their work approach, you should also find out their communication and collaboration style. It helps you to know whether they can streamline their work and coordinate seamlessly.

Top WordPress Development Companies

As finding a single best company is difficult because of so many WordPress development companies out there, we have made a list of top companies to simplify your work.

Top WordPress Development Companies


It’s a well-established web development company that offers a wide array of services, including WordPress web development. It was established in 2009. They have an excellent team of WordPress developers having solid skills and knowledge. They have worked on multifarious projects catering to various clients globally. The company offers numerous services, including design to code (PSD to WordPress, Sketch to HTML, PSD to HTML, etc.), front-end development (ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js, etc.), eCommerce development, backend development, and custom web development services. Some notable clients they have served include HP, D-Link, Stoli, Duracell, and Coca-Cola.

CountryPrice per Hrs.No. of EmployeesClutch RatingFounded in
United States< $25 / hr50 – 2494.9 | 34 Reviews2009


It is one of the leading WordPress development companies with excellent team strength. They offer a wide array of web development, app development, and web design services. The company has technical expertise in blockchain, AI, AR/VR, Machine Learning, Python, PHP, Java, and other technologies. They have delivered various websites and apps to clients across the globe. The company was established in 2007. It has been providing top-notch services to a wide range of clientele. They have notable clients like Intel, Suzuki, Cairn, BPL, HP, D-Link, Huwai, and more.

CountryPrice per Hrs.No. of EmployeesClutch RatingFounded in
United States$25 – $49 / hr250 – 9994.7 | 51 Reviews2007


CemtrexLabs is another top WordPress development company with excellent developers. The company provides numerous services, including web development, eCommerce development, digital marketing, IoT, AI, Blockchain, and mobile app development. They offer quality services to clients across the globe and have served numerous notable brands. The company was established in 2009.

CountryPrice per Hrs.No. of EmployeesClutch RatingFounded in
United States$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2494.7 | 28 Reviews2009

Big Drop

They offer premium web design and development services catering to the needs of various businesses. The company offers WordPress web development services to address a wide array of clients’ needs. They offer website development, mobile app development, digital marketing, web design, PSD to HTML conversion, and more. They have an excellent team of WordPress developers who can fulfill your requirements as per your specifications.

CountryPrice per Hrs.No. of EmployeesClutch RatingFounded in
United States$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2494.6 | 36 Reviews2012


Incepteo is one of the reliable WordPress development companies with good team strength and innovative developers. It was established in 2007, and now it has been providing cutting-edge web development services since then. The company offers numerous services, including web development, eCommerce development, PSD to HTML, PSD to WordPress, Sketch to HTML, and more. They have served numerous clients across the globe with a robust clientele. They have delivered services to clients like HP, Intel, Philips, Cooper, Necco, and more.

CountryPrice per Hrs.No. of EmployeesClutch RatingFounded in
United States$100 – $199 / hr50 – 2494.5 | 09 Reviews2007

Wrapping up!

No matter what type of website you wish to create, WordPress is indeed a suitable choice for a myriad of website development projects. Moreover, if you want to develop the right website for you, a WordPress development company can be the best support to accomplish your project. Having expertise in the domain, the company can provide quality service and meet your requirements in the most efficient manner. Further, they can create a website matching your exact needs by implementing the best functionalities and features. You need to choose a perfect company to get the best results.

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