Unlocking the Speed Limit on Your Etrike– Pros and Cons

Unlocking the speed limit on your electric trike can be tempting, especially if you’re an adventure-seeking rider. Many eTrikes, such as the MF-30 three-wheel electric bikes from Maxfoot, come with regulated speed limits in place to comply with safety standards and local regulations. However, before you go ahead and remove these speed restrictions, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Don’t forget, you can use discount code GP30 for a $100 discount when purchasing an MF-30 Electric Trike, or the code GPHM for a $100 discount on MF-17 or MF-18 eBikes.

Maxfoot MF-30 Three Wheel E-trike
Maxfoot MF-30 Three Wheel E-trike

What is an eTrike Speed Limit?

The speed limit on an eTrike refers to the maximum speed at which the bike can travel. Typically, eTrikes have a speed limit of 25 km/h (15.5 mph). This limit is in place for safety reasons and helps to prevent accidents and injuries. However, the speed limit may not be suitable for all riders, especially those who use the eTrikes for commuting or long-distance travel.

The Importance of Adhering to the Speed Limit

It’s important to adhere to the speed limit on your eTrike to prevent accidents and injuries. As eTrikes are smaller and have less protection than cars, going over the speed limit can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

Consequences of Exceeding the Speed Limit

If you exceed the speed limit on your eTrike, you may receive a fine or ticket from authorities. Additionally, if you cause an accident while going over the speed limit, you may be held liable for any damage or injuries that occur.


  1. Increased Speed: The most obvious advantage of unlocking the speed limit on your eTrike is the ability to ride at higher speeds. This can make your rides more exhilarating and allow you to cover greater distances in a shorter amount of time.

  2. Climbing Steep Hills: If you frequently encounter steep hills on your route, a higher speed can help you overcome these challenges with less effort, allowing you to enjoy a more seamless ride.

  3. Improved Efficiency: Unlocking the top speed on your eTrike can enable you to keep up with traffic, making your daily commute more efficient by maintaining a consistent pace.


  1. Safety Concerns: Removing the speed limit on your eTrike can result in a higher risk of accidents, as high speeds can be more difficult to control and leave you with less reaction time in case of sudden obstacles or events.

  2. Reduced Battery Life: Riding at higher speeds can drain your eTrike’s battery faster, limiting the overall range you can achieve on a single charge.

  3. Legal Ramifications: Depending on local regulations, using an eTrike with the speed limit unlocked could be considered illegal, potentially leading to fines, legal actions, or voiding of warranties.

  4. Increased Wear and Tear: Riding your eTrike consistently at higher speeds can cause strain on various components, such as brakes, tires, and the motor, potentially leading to more frequent maintenance and reduced lifespan for your vehicle.

  5. Financial Impact: With the potential for decreased battery life, increased maintenance, and potential legal costs, removing the speed limit on your eTrike could end up being a more expensive proposition in the long run.

Factors to Consider Before Unlocking the Speed Limit

Before unlocking the speed limit on your eTrike, there are several factors you should consider:

The Purpose of the eTrike

Consider what you will use your eTrike for before unlocking the speed limit. If you use it for daily commuting, unlocking the speed limit may be more practical. However, if you use it for recreational purposes only, the speed limit may not be a hindrance.

The Condition of the Bike

Ensure that your eTrike is in good condition before unlocking the speed limit. Worn-out components or parts may cause more wear and tear on the bike after unlocking the speed limit.

The eTrike’s Power Capacity

Check if your eTrike’s motor and battery can handle the increased speed. If the motor or battery is not capable of handling higher speeds, you may cause damage to the eTrike.

Know The Local Law

Ensure that you are aware of the local law regarding eTrike speed limits before unlocking the speed limit. Different regions have different laws, and it’s important to know what you are allowed to do.

The Future of eTrike Speed Limitation

As eTrikes become more popular, there are several advancements being made in eTrike technology and speed limitation:

Limitations Imposed by Governments

Government authorities are taking steps to regulate eTrike speed limits, and this could lead to the standardization of eTrike technology in the future.

Advancements in eTrike Technology

Advancements in technology, such as battery and motor optimization, can lead to a better eTrike performance at higher speeds.

Security Measures and Monitoring Systems

The introduction of security measures and monitoring systems can help regulate eTrike speed limits.

Developing a Standardized System of Speed Limitation

As eTrikes become more common, it is likely that a standardized system of speed limitation will be developed, making it easier for eTrike riders to adhere to the law.

In conclusion, unlocking the speed limit on your eTrike offers some benefits, such as faster rides and improved efficiency. However, the potential downsides, including safety risks and legal ramifications, should be carefully considered before making this decision. When it comes to unlocking the speed limits on electric trikes, it’s crucial to consider your personal riding habits and local regulations. And remember, for a limited time, you can use discount code GP30 to receive a $100 discount when purchasing an MF-30 Electric Trike, or GPHM for a $100 discount on MF-17 or MF-18 eBikes from Maxfoot.

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