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Apple’s iPad Tablets vs. Android Tablets

Most of the smart device owners are thinking, it’s just not a communication device but it shows individuals’ status symbol. So to make easy uses, tablet computing device manufacturers are competing to create more developed devices. Because of its developed operating system, greater functionality, ...Read More

Top Tips in the Usage of Android Tablets

If we are using Android Tablet, it works in sleeping mode also. In these cases if Wifi is working, charging will be wasted. In such instances, go to ‘Wireless & Network ► Wireless Settings ► Wifi Sleep Policy’ and check the option ‘When the ...Read More

What is Screen Resolution

Screen Resolution is expressed in number of horizontal and vertical picture elements (called pixels) contained in the screen. When the screen resolution is high, greater will be the number of pixels because there are more dots called pixels on each row and there are ...Read More