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Data Backup – Don’t Take the Risk

Data Backup

Data backup doesn’t sound like the most thrilling of topics but it is something that is proving crucial to businesses around the world. With so much of today’s world being run online and through computers you only need one mistake or glitch and your company could be in the mire.

Anti-Virus Speeds Up MAC Computers

Since the dawn of the new era of computers, there are a lot of people all over the world who are already hooked and obsessed on computers. Through this, many online sites in the internet have been rising that appeal to most computer addicts. There are many free downloadable applications and programs that entice many …

Tips on How to Speed Up Your Computer

Computers are the most used innovation that has come up so far. It connects the bridges on people and allows us to have communication with our loved ones that are far from us. However, using our computers often can cause problems and eventually slow them down when we don’t take action on fixing them. Listed …

Logitech Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard K750 Overview

Logitech has recently launched its first solar powered, wireless keyboard – Logitech K750 that can truly make hassles of the battery and cables a thing of the past. Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard K750 is powered by two packs of solar panels situated at the top of the keyboard (see above image) that work 24/7 to …