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3 Featured Add-ons for Firefox

It is most essential to know the additional facilities in Firefox browser that helps web users in searching and finding reliable information. For that purpose, the readily available addons are to be utilized. Thousands of featured addons are being made available in Firefox. With ...Read More

8 Featured Firefox Extensions/Addons

Tab Badge Firefox Extension Get this featured add-on created by Geoff Lankow to obtain the respective web services update notification alerts. Even though the tabs have been kept pinned, the Tab Badge is visible showing new updates if any. For example, when kept pinned ...Read More

Best Firefox Addons for Math Enthusiasts

If you are a math enthusiast and Firefox is your browser of choice, then you have got the power to customize your Firefox browser completely with several great addons that can give you access to everything from calculators to math encyclopedias. Here are some ...Read More