Best Firefox Addons for Science Students

Science is the integral part of every students academic education which not only helps to increase their reasoning and logical thinking but also gives them the necessary knowledge, skill and ability to produce solutions to complex problems. Science is divided into 3 major categories viz. Natural sciences, Social sciences, Formal sciences that study wide range of extremely important subjects including biology, physics, chemistry, geology, sociology etc.

If you are a interested in leaning Science and Firefox is your browser of choice then there are many wonderful addons developed just for you. Here are some of the best Firefox add-ons useful for science students:

Eccellio Science Search Engine - Addon for Firefox

Eccellio Science – Search Engine aims to get Google search results from quality websites related to the world of science. Powered with a cool new feature called “Faceted Classification“, this search engine based add-on is a must use tool when doing science research so that you can easily find what you are looking for on the worldwideweb.

Life Science Dictionary Tool

Life Science Dictionary Tool is a mouse-over dictionary that helps you to find definitions to life science terms. Besides being a powerful mouseover word dictionary, this tool can also immediately translate phrases made with multiple words giving meaning, related terms and examples.

Sequere Science Search Engine

By adding Science to the list of engines available in your search bar you can broaden your search for scientific research by enabling a search of scientific information, scientific articles repositories, publications, full-text articles, abstracts, music, video, patents etc. This search engine tool also helps to search by specific areas across Europe.

Medical Terms Dictionary Tool - Define! option when right-clicked on a word

Medical Terms Dictionary addon for Firefox provides on-page definitions to tons of medical language terms in easy-to-understand explanations. Supported by medterms, this medical terms dictionary tool is the perfect choice for students interested in pursuing a future in the medical field. All you have to do to get the definitions, is to select the word -> right-click with your mouse & choose ‘Define!’. Please note that this addon requires Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to be installed and running on your computer.

labmeeting logo
Make science easier with Labmeeting addon for Firefox as you can locate journal articles available in PDF and stay up to date on what’s in some of the top magazines.

Best Firefox Addons for Science Students 1

Weather Watcher Live is a wonderful tool to learn about the weather and it’s happenings as it provides you real-time weather information in your neighborhood from WeatherBug weather stations directly in your Firefox toolbar.


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