Best Firefox Addons for Math Enthusiasts

If you are a math enthusiast and Firefox is your browser of choice, then you have got the power to customize your Firefox browser completely with several great addons that can give you access to everything from calculators to math encyclopedias.

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Here are some of the best Firefox addons developed especially for math lovers and geeks:

Wolfram MathWorld

Developed by Cauchy Schwarz, this is a search plugin which you can add to the list of search engines available in your browser search bar and access from there the web’s most extensive mathematics resource – Wolfram MathWorld straight away.

Open Mathematical Encyclopedia

Developed by Martin Marinov, Open Mathematical Encyclopedia is a great resource for school students learning math that contains all the theorems, basic problems and axioms.


Created by Mr.Bont, FireMath is especially useful to upper-level students in math, physics and engineering. It is basically an equation editor based on MathML, the mathematical markup language used to best describe mathematical equations. Using FireMath you can easily and quickly generate mathematical, physical and engineering formulas.


avzCalculator can be used as a simple calculator extension tool in Firefox. It is developed by Avhaz.

Graphing Calculator Toolbar

Graphing Calculator Toolbar is a wonderful Firefox addon developed by Jay Nick and using which you can enter up to five equations in its toolbar and see results graphed. It also allows rescaling the x and y coordinates and redefining the domain.

Convert My Currency

Created by Bogdan Stancescu, this converter addon is a contextual unit converter, currency converter, timezone and temperature converter for Firefox. The Convert My Currency converter is a no-fancy tool and just aims to be intuitive for the average user during regular text reading.

Forex Currency Converter 1.5

Provided by FXware, this add-on is a web based service that can help you learn the current conversion for any currency in over 180 different exchange rates. With Forex Currency Converter in your browser you can convert any currency data on any webpage you visit to 180+ different currencies using up-to-date foreign exchange rates without the need to open another browser window or tab.


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