Schneider Electric Do Not Click ZENcelo Switches Overview

There’s touch technology in cell phones, laptops and cameras. Guess where you also get it now? The Full-Flat form factor has redefined many facets in life like Airplane seats, TVs, Mobile phones, Electric stoves and now “Switches”.
ZENcelo Switch
Schneider Electric presents ZENcelo – a full-flat electro-mechanical switch, which aligns with the surround of the switch without protrusion. Technically, you can’t say it works on touch technology but since there is no difference in the switch location in on or off position, ZENcelo emphasizes user-friendliness as well as aesthetics. The patent-pending “Ondicator” shows marigold when turned “on” and blends into the same color as the dolly when “off”. It seems like a touch-based device.

ZENcelo switches are available in different colors: standard White, Dark Grey, Silver Bronze and Silver Stain. These exclusive switches are available in electrical shops across India and price on request only. With its aesthetically pleasing and innovative design, ZENcelo will definitely become a fashion item in interior decor. The ZENcelo Full-Flat switch has been created for the majority who use electro-mechanical switches. Even on switches you never imagined can be Full-Flat made of corrosion resistant, heat resistant and impact resistant polycarbonate.

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