Complete Music Solution @ MP3 MAKER 15

Introducing the Magix Mp3 Maker 15 which comes with all the latest technology audio features and provides you with complete solution for high quality music recording, play back and managing your music galleries.
Complete Music Solution @ MP3 MAKER 15 1
The Magix Mp3 Maker 15 comes with a muffin audiogen feature that helps you create perfect playlists. The playlist are created automatically or can be created manually as well.

With Magix Mp3 Maker 15, transform your computer into an online or offline music station as the software is loaded with number of high online features which offers you great nonstop music 24 x 7. This amazing software also allows you to easily manage your existing music files by providing high speed import and optimal editing. Within few seconds you can easily transfer your favorite music to your mp3 player or iPod as Magix Mp3 Maker 15 comes with reliable and faster data transfer.

Magix Mp3 Maker 15 is loaded with internet radio and practical functions which keeps your music horizon always expanding. Experience true crisp clear sound as the Magix Mp3 Maker 15 comes with MAGIX ProAudio Technology which enhances the sound quality and makes you jolt to the tunes of some great music.

Magix Mp3 Maker 15 is loaded with other prime features like online music recommendation, over 4000 online radio channels, integrated DJ console, brief summary of music archive, video monitoring by which you can embed your favorite pictures in playlists, free podcast subscriptions, audio effects specially for low quality songs or compressed songs and analog recording via sound card.

Inspite of having number of useful features the Magix Mp3 Maker 15 is available for a reasonable price of 23.99 USD.

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