Create Your Own Tunes with LOOP – An Innovative Music Production App by Nokia

Nokia has launched an innovative music production app called “Loop”, that is available free and exclusively on Ovi Store, for Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 handsets using which users can record, edit and loop up to four different music tracks and create their own, instantly shareable music compositions.

Nokia Loop App Main Screen
Nokia Loop App Main Screen

The compositions thus made can then be saved as a ring-tone, exported as an MP3 to use alongside film as a soundtrack, uploaded to loop-app site and also share them with friends on Facebook.

Kari Tuutti, Global Marketing Director, Nokia, said:

We are super excited to bring the Nokia Loop App into Ovi Store. We cannot wait to see the innovative ways that music lovers will use this fun app and share their loops with friends and social networks.

In support of the launch of Loop, a viral film – ‘Poodle Loop’ was created, which demos the app in a creative and compelling way following the transformation of three scruffy young poodles into bouncing, brightly coloured cuties. Loop App is available for download at Ovi Store.

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