ARM Next Generation Eagle Core Licensed by Texas Instruments

With advancement in technology, new innovations in the world of gadgets are quite a common scenario. In such machine age, cell phones have become one of the most rapidly growing gadgets with advanced technology. Most of the cell phones seen today are based or ARM’s Core A8 or quite similar architecture like in the case of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

ARM's Eagle core

Either in the end of this year or more likely in the next year the SoCs based ARM’s Cortex A9 will be out shipping in phones. The road doesn’t end there, later this year ARM is going to announce the successor to Cortex A9, named as Eagle.

The Texas Instruments (TI) has officially announced that it will be the first one to license the ARM Eagle Core. The Texas Instruments is not just licensing the core it also has helped in defining the specifications for the core. The Texas Instruments is been jointly working on developing the design of ARM since June 09 and it expects to be the 1st one on market the SoCs base on ARM’s Eagle core.

Eagle performance is expected to be quite competitive with the future derivatives of the Intel’s Mooretown SoC, the consumption of power however is expected to be quite similar as both are manufactured under 2x-nm manufacturing process. TI’s Cortex A9 based SoCs will be shipped by soon and cell phones having them will be made available in early 2011, based on this assumption the Eagle may not be in picture until 2012.

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